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Indivisible was one of 2019’s best indie games (and it’ll be even better when it comes to Switch, whenever that happens). And one of its best features is the soundtrack by Hiroki Kikuta, the melodic genius behind Secret of Mana’s tracks. This soundtrack was released the day Indivisible itself came out, back in October…but this is the soundtrack so nice, they’re making it twice.
Presenting Indivisible Soundtrack PLUS….a companion set of tracks from Scarlet Moon Records that go behind the scenes for nearly two hours of demos, unused songs, alternate tunes, and “inspired by” tracks from Indivisible. You’ll also get a digital booklet with track-by-track commentary from Kikuta himself.
“Given the size of Indivisible’s score, I knew pretty early on that we’d have a lot of unused and in-progress material by the end of it,” says Scarlet Moon’s Jayson Napolitano, “Little did we know just how much of it there...
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