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Netflix’s The Dragon Prince is at last getting its own tabletop RPG courtesy of Fandom Tabletop and Wonderstorm Studio. Today was not only the day that the open playtest launched for Tales of Xadia, but preorders were made open as well.
We’ve heard of beta tests for video games…but how does one hold an “open playtest” for a tabletop RPG, especially during a pandemic? Here’s how…Fandom has posted an abridged version of the rulebook to its website. Access it here, Zoom together your friends, start a game and see what you think. After you take the game for a spin, let Fandom know what does and doesn’t work.
And if you like it, you can order your copy today. A digital PDF of the rulebook costs $24.99 and a physical + digital bundle costs $49.99. $The game currently has no release date, but Fandom says more info will be released in the coming weeks.
“Our goal with Tales of...

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