Pregnant Joker?

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Ian Burton

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<p>Pregnant Joker is a thing! The most recent and noteworthy development in the DC Comics universe is that Joker is expecting a child. Because of this, the anchors of Fox News were driven to a state of rage. The extreme right is under the impression that this is some kind of left-wing propaganda or another type of plot. You won’t have any trouble finding thousands of people venting their frustrations at Joker’s pregnancy. I am not offended in the traditional sense, but I do think the concept is ridiculous. However, rather than waste my time screaming about it, I will simply not read it.</p>


I hate WOKE trash
The Joker will never be even quite as crazy as the current DC Comics universe. A writer's infatuation with male pregnancy is unsettling.At this point, I honestly believe that this is a test to determine whether the sales would increase by tampering with the characters, or whether it will not increase the sales.


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As a result of this news, I find that I love reading webcomics from Korea more than those from other countries.What happened to superhero comics featuring good characters battling bad guys and thwarting their wicked plans? Occasionally, these bizarre tales continue to appear.


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Has DC hired any of Robot Chicken's writers? I have no idea what those individuals are thinking. Who is this work's author? Anita Sarkeesian? As the current chief creative officer, I implore James Gunn to save DC Comics.


People need to chill, this is just a comedy plotline and nothing serious. He just swallowed some of Clayface's body part thats why he got "pregnant" when he vomited that peace of "Clayface" became the baby.

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