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My feelings about AMC's plans for their Preacher series are extremely mixed!

Just like the potential Sandman and Hellblazer adaptations that have been batted about for quite some time now: I would love to see a Preacher adaptation that stays true to the source material, or at least its spirit! With Preacher in particular, I don't want to see an adaptation that pulls the dark, satirical, violent, sacrilegious, and controversial punches of the source material! I don't want Preacher Lite!

Although Preacher is loaded with comedic elements, it's a dark satire that I personally think is outside of Rogan's and Goldberg's sophomoric, stoner comedy wheelhouse. (And I, for one, absolutely hated the atrocious This is the End--the closest script to Preacher that they've written thus far!) I would much prefer a more suitable writing team, preferably including Garth Ennis!

As for choice of AMC... I would have preferred HBO or ShowTime. (In particular, given True Blood and Game of Thrones: HBO has demonstrated that it's perfectly suited to Preacher.) However, even though the freedom from censorship is less than it would be under HBO or ShowTime: I can see AMC working. First of all, The Walking Dead demonstrates that AMC has no qualms about graphic violence in its series! (Even though the horror films it airs are severely edited!) Moreover, there's no real need for full frontal nudity or explicit sex scenes in Preacher. However, how far could a Preacher goes in terms for its dark, satirical, sacrilegious, sexual, mature content on AMC? Even though Breaking Bad was demonstrated that AMC can handle dark, satirical, mature material: We are still talking about a network that cuts out the f-bomb from its airings!
However, I'm less skeptical about AMC's planned Preacher series than I am about NBC's Constantine series. (Or, for that matter, Fox's Gotham series--but I digress in what is already a digression.) Although Hellblazer didn't go as far as Preacher in terms of risqué content, the limitations of censorship on NBC, ABC, and CBS are far stricter than on AMC!

Although I'll give NBC's Constantine series this much: their John Constantine is going to be a rough-around-the-edges blond Brit--in sharp contrast to the 2005 film starring Keanu Reeves!

That being said, I do have mixed feelings about this Constantine trailer though. The acting doesn't seem quite up to snuff, many of the hinted at plot elements and supporting characters seem too similar to the 2005 film for my taste, and it is yet again called Constantine instead of Hellblazer! However, I'll give this upcoming NBC series one major plus over the 2005 film: as previously mentioned, John Constantine is actually a scruffy, rough-around-the-edges blond Brit--as opposed to Keanu Reeves! Or, for that matter, Shia LaBeouf as Chas! I'll also give this trailer points for portraying a right-proper Ravenscar and references to "The Newcastle Incident" that put the acolyte magickian there in the first place!

I'll also put this notion out there for the potential future: If The CW can spin a linked continuity Flash series from a hit Green Arrow series, why not spin a linked continuity Saga of The Swamp Thing series out of a Constantine series? Effects technology has progressed to the point that we can have a realistic, non-hokey Swamp Thing on a TV series' budget!
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