Praise This, While her Sister is Disney Princess, Chloe Bailey shows her Talents too.


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The Bailey sisters are awesome! It's incredible to see how they both have had such a significant influence on the entertainment business at their young age. Looking forward to seeing Chloe excel in Praise This. Chloe have no jealousy on her sister's success. Look at her tweeting and hyping up her sister!

If Three Hemsworth Brothers can have lucrative careers, then Two Bailey sisters should do too.!


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As a believer, I am grateful for how Praise This recognizes and honors the significance of Gospel music in the African American culture. It's uplifting to witness this celebration of the power of music in a heartwarming way.

Glory to God for the trailer of Praise This! It's truly inspiring to witness how the underdogs gather together and work towards bringing victory to their church choir. The message of perseverance and teamwork is a wonderful reflection of the teachings of our faith.


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Pitch perfect is one of my favorite movie franchises out there and I hope this will get similar success.


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Anjelika Washington is really fun in Stargirl, Proud she is still getting acting jobs after the show ended. I hope people will not pit the Bailey Sisters and compare them. Let them build their own individual legacies.The sisters are supportive of each other's victories.

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