Mar 22, 2005
Ok so I got Power Rangers Spd Megazord & Morpher here are a few things about each item before I get in my reveiw

Morpher - Regular version (not shadow ranger version)
Needs 2 AAA Battaries

Includes 5 Zords and 3 weapons Sword,Gun, and Handcuffs
Pink ranger has her Sign but no screen to put inside (there is a slot)
Yellow ranger has her searchlight which is the guard on the sword
Needs 2 AAA Battaries
has 5 light actions includes Step,Connect,stand by,Siren Startup and a turn on

Ok so that is a basic discription of the toys the morpher cost about $9.00
as the megazord $40.00 or $30.00 with tax the morpher is $10.00
I got my toys at target or I used a gift card so there might be some kind of tax

If your lucky I will post pictures up (If I want to)