Power Rangers: Shinkenger 2011 (News Thread)

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You guys are seriously gonna register to the fucking Nick message board? WHY?!

Don't tell me you guys registered to the Disney message boards back when PR was playing on Jetix and ABC?
It was clearly stated WHY we're doing it. We're simply trying to spread the word. You know, for more viewers. It's not like we're joining to discuss about iCarly and what not. And even if we were...what gives? Just sayin'...

Every damn username is taken.....
I know. I just gave up!


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Not surprising. A discussion board that's a hub for little kids? I could see that attracting some unwanted attnetion.
Hmm..what's the fessing over this teennick forum thing? To spread the news of PR, eh?

I will go and try that. If I managed to get in, I will make damn sure to spread the words.

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Saiko, you added stuff in the future? It says at the top of the first page that it was updated on 7/14/2010....
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