power rangers, season with best no suit fights?

It does seem depending on the season, there might be pretty much all suit action or a good mix. RPM had a good amount. What else? Haven't really watch many disney era ones.


I loved how RPM had the actors do some of the fight scenes, it felt much better than them doing big flashy moves while blocking out their faces.
It annoyed me during Once a Ranger that Johnny was the only one doing his non suit stunt fight.


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Lost Galaxy had one of my all time favorites, with Leo wielding his saber unmorphed for nearly the entire episode.

Did he have to rip off his shirt that one fight?:redface2:

ooh just remembered. That 2 parter in time force with fake jackie chan. That was great xD

Trip and Wes in the Saloon fight was hilariously awesome. Almost all of the Movie Madness two parter was awesome. The rangers displayed civilian action, while Eric did good as a comedian.

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Anything with Jason and Tommy, where they actually did the majority of their own stunts and not some small Japanese men with wigs.

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RPM in my thoughts had the best none suit fights. Lot of that was the actually actors from what i read too. Ninja Storm had a couple to but RPM was loaded. It was amazing,.

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