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Mar 28, 2011
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A new generation of Power Rangers must master the mystical and ancient Samurai Symbols of Power which give them control over the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest, and Earth. Under the guidance of their all-knowing mentor and the aid of their devoted animal Zords, they battle the dark forces of the Netherword and a mysterious Warrior bent on destruction.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_emLxq6qJUs"]YouTube - Power Rangers Samurai Promo 6[/ame]

What. Where. When.
  • The newest season of Power Rangers will be adapted from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • Power Rangers will keep its 'Samurai' theme for two years! (source)
  • Bandai will produce the toys. (images) Namco will publish new video games. (Source 1) (Source 2)
  • The new season will feature 43 episodes. (source)
  • Jonathan Tzachor will be in charge of the new 18th season.
  • Tony Oliver has confirmed that he is writing for the 2011 season of Power Rangers.
  • Mark Harris Stunt Productions will provide their services for the newest season.

Episode Guide
  • 101 The Team Unites Mon Feb 7 - 8:00pm
    Mike figures out the hard way what it means to be a Samurai Ranger after a Nighlok attacks him and his friends.
  • 102 Deal With a Nighlok Sun Feb 13 - 12:00pm
    The Rangers step in when a devious Nighlok tricks a young boy into giving up on his baseball dreams.
  • 103 Day Off Sun Feb 20 - 12:00pm
    Struggling to master a secret power disc, Jayden foregoes a trip with the others to an amusement park, where the rest of the team encounters the evil Nighlok Dreadhead.
  • 104 Sticks & Stones Sun Feb 27 - 12:00pm
    "When a Nighlok who uses insults as a physical weapon to attack the Rangers, only Emily is unaffected. To help her teammates, she explains how difficult events in life become an opportunity to grow stronger."
  • 105 Fish Out of Water Sun March 6 - 12:00pm
    Kevin is assigned the crucial task of catching the elusive SwardfishZord in order to save the other Rangers who have been incapacitated by the stench of the Nighlok Yamiror’s breath.
  • 106 There Go the Brides Sun March 13 - 12:00pm
    Dayu crosses into the mortal world to cause misery by kidnapping brides on their wedding day.
  • 107 I Got a Spell on Blue Sun March 20 - 12:00pm
    A Nighlok uses mind control powers to force Kevin to fight against his fellow Rangers.
  • 108 Forest for the Trees Sun March 27 - 12:00pm
    After Mike goes rogue in battle, Mentor Takes Mike’s Samuraizer away until he learns a deeper lesson about the nature of the Green Ranger’s Symbol Power.
  • 109 Test of the Leader Sun April 10 - 12:00pm
    A Nighlok is sent to stop the Red Ranger from using his special power to seal Master Xandred in the Netherworld forever, but their duel is interrupted by the mysterious Deker.
  • 110 Jayden's Challenge Sunday, April 17 - 12:00pm
    Jayden leaves the Shiba house hoping to keep the other Rangers out of harms way but when a powerful Nighlok attacks, Jayden finally accepts the fact that he needs his team to fulfill his role as the leader of the Samurai Rangers
  • 111 Unexpected Arrival - Saturday, April 30th - 12:00pm
    A traveling fisherman named Antonio arrives and claims to be the sixth Samurai Ranger.
  • 112 Room For One More - Saturday, May 7 - 12:00pm
    Jayden’s childhood friend and self-made Samurai Antonio struggles to be accepted by the team as the Gold Ranger.
  • 113 The Blue and The Gold - Saturday, May 14, 12:00pm
    As Antonio attempts to gain Kevin’s respect as a true Samurai, Octoroo devises a plan to create a stronger portal between the Netherworld and Earth via a secret ancient well.
  • 114 Team Spirit - Saturday, May 21, 2011.
    When a Nighlok steals people’s spirits, including the Yellow Ranger’s, the other Rangers must defeat him before his victims fall into an eternal sleep.
  • 115 The Tengen Gate - Saturday, May 28, 2011.
    Octoroo wants the Red Ranger's powerful sealing symbol, so he poisons Jayden in order to get it.
  • 116 Boxed In - Saturday, June 4, 2011.
    When Jayden is kidnapped by Deker, the other Rangers must summon the strength to fight a mutant Nighlok without their leader.
  • 117 - Broken Dreams (TBA)
  • 18 - The Ultimate Deal (TBA)
  • 19 - Origins, Part 1 (TBA)
    (formerly Call of the Red Ranger)
  • 20 - Origins, Part 2 (TBA)
    (formerly Rise of the Megazord)

The Cast

Character descriptions and the actors and actresses playing them!

Played by: Erika Fong
Bio 1 (from casting scripts)
She is confident, intuitive, and sensitive. MIA was raised by her grandmother, away from her parents. Her toughness and desire to help others is a cover for the pain she felt during her childhood separation from her mother. She is the mother/big sister of the Rangers. MIA's dream is to become a wife and mother and lead a normal life. However, due to her upbringing, her image of that "normal" life is childish and disconnected from reality.

Bio 2 (from nick.com)
Mia is a confident, sensitive big sister to the Power Rangers. She is so eager to give that sometimes her own needs get overlooked. She considers herself to be a great cook, but you'd have a hard time finding another Ranger who agreed. One thing they can agree on is that Mia is a crucial part of their monster-fighting family.


Played by: Brittany Pirtle (facebook) (Twitter)
Bio 1 (from casting scripts)
EMILY is the youngest Ranger and is loved and cared for by all. She is innocent, sweet, and gentle, but also very strong when needed. She was raised in the country and comes to the city for the first time when she joins the Rangers. Her older sister was supposed to be the Yellow Ranger, but when she fell ill, EMILY had to take her place. During her early childhood, she always relied on her sister, who would play the flute to console young EMILY. After her illness, the roles were reversed and it became EMILY who played the flute to console her weak older sister. She constantly is plagued by the feeling that she will not live up to what her sister might have been as a Ranger.

Bio 2 (from nick.com)
Emily is a sweet, innocent country girl who was never supposed to be a Power Ranger. It was her sister who was destined for the squad, but an illness forced Emily to take her place. Although she is a bit of a fish out of water, the passion of the team and the bustle of the city inspires Emily to train hard and make her sister proud


Played by: Hector David Jr (Facebook 1) (Facebook 2) (Twitter)
Bio 1 (from casting scripts)
MIKE is the Green Ranger. He is creative, rebellious, irreverent, and
lazy; but never afraid to think outside the box. He lost his mother at an
early age and grew up mostly with his father, who was more of a big
brother and friend than a role model. When he first joins the other
Rangers, he realizes that his upbringing did not properly prepare him to
be a warrior. He is also a high school dropout.
MIKE is very creative in battle and despite a relaxed and care free
attitude, he longs to be the best fighter he can be, even hoping to, one-
day surpass, JAYDEN. He knows there is much hard work ahead of him and does
not give up.

Bio 2 (from nick.com)
Mike isn't a troublemaker, but he is a bit of a rebel. He loves video games and hanging out with his friends. And although he is a very talented Ranger, this free spirit's wild, goofy sense of humor doesn't always line up with the ways of the Samurai. But this shouldn't stop him from giving his all to every battle


Played by: Najee De-Tiege (Facebook 1) (Facebook 2)
Bio 1 (from casting scripts)
KEVIN's element is water. He is well educated and a great swordsman. He is extremely disciplined and lives by the book. He is confident, not afraid to take charge if needed. By becoming a Power Ranger, he is putting on hold a career as a performer. He often misses it but knows that saving the world and fighting evil must be his priority. He is also a bit of a mama's boy, although he would never admit it.

Bio 2 (from nick.com)
Kevin is a disciplined master swordsman and a professional swimmer. His strict but wise father trained him from birth in the ways of the Samurai. He's often the cause of comic relief in the group, but when it comes time to get a job done, you want this warrior on your team.


Played by: Alex Heartman
Bio 1 (from casting scripts)
JAYDEN is the leader of the Power Rangers. His element is fire. He is of
few words, but when he speaks, means what he says. He lost his parents
when he was young and was raised by a mentor. He is an excellent warrior
and the fight against evil is his sole focus. He has spent most of his
life isolated from society.
He often remembers his father's advice to never give up, to carry on the
family name no matter what. He lives by this promise and does everything
he can to protect his family name and fulfill his duty to fight evil and
protect the world.

Bio 2 (from nick.com)
Like his zord, the lion, Jayden is a ferocious leader. He is a man of few words, but when he speaks, every breath counts. He is kind and caring but knows how to be firm when the time comes. He also has a secret that he must keep from all the other Rangers.


Played by: Steven Skyler (Facebook)
Bio 1 (from casting scripts)
Unlike the others, ANTONIO did not receive any formal training and mastered his fighting skills on his own. He is a childhood friend of the Red Ranger. By day, he operates a sushi stand and although he has moderate success, his real dream is to open a full-on fish(?) restaurant. He also is a programmer and is constantly developing new weapons for the Rangers. His element is light and he is the most outgoing and positive of the group. Unashamed of his humble origins, he is honored and grateful to fight as a Power Ranger. He is an excellent fighter and total team player.

Played By: Felix Ryan (Facebook) (Twitter)



Mentor Ji
Played By: Rene Naufahu

Rene Naufahu, who played the villain Emperor Gruumm on Power Rangers SPD, returns to play the wise mentor to the Power Rangers in 2011!

Power Rangers Samurai First Look Promo
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3aFeqZ5OxA"]YouTube - Power Rangers Samurai - First Look Promo[/ame]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/user/LinearRanger#p/u/7/p8kmt42qeks"]YouTube - LinearRanger's Channel[/ame]

Summon the Power
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paNrjX_-w8o"]YouTube - Power Rangers Samurai Promo 3[/ame]

They await the Call
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxH7zkugpKo"]YouTube - Power Rangers: Samurai - Teaser 5 (HD)[/ame]

Episode Preview
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbQ68_QMvQs"]YouTube - Power Rangers Samurai - Sneak Peek Episode Clip[/ame]

Bulk is Back
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wlqvboei9eo"]YouTube - Bulk is Back![/ame]
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Yes, Steven did a great job portraying the character. In fact, I think the entire cast did a good job in this episode (even Najee and Erika).

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RPM was one of the worst IMO. I think the two best are Lightspeed and lost Galaxy.

I loved those seasons as well. Wild Force would be my fav. Why are those your top pick? Im guessing Titanium and the whole Terra Venture thing?
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