Power Rangers S.P.D - Full Series Talkback "Fighting Crime... in a Future Time."

They could pull it off by showing that Boom is the descendent of maybe MF yellow ranger? Theyc ould pull off another Katrina Devine but that was a corny way to end the team-up.

I noticed that Jack was wearing a green necklace... I'm placing my bets that he's SPD green ranger in the team-up

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They could...but I'm pretty sure that we'll get another version of this year's when the team up takes place during the season. If not, I have no idea how they're going to do the team up, Jack has to be red.

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Forgive me, but this was definately not the greatest finale.

It was pretty good, and had a lot of good points, but yeah.. I really wish we'd had a finale five or final four episodes where each take down of the A-Squad, Mora, Broodwing, and Grumm got their full and fleshed out story.

Still, I did cheer when Anubis said, "Justice is served!" or no, I cheered when he said, "Now they match...*****!" :buttrock:

Anyway, felt it was pretty well done, but I wish they'd more money to spend on a finale that was as big as Lost Galaxy... see them punch Omni into space, transform into the big gat and shoot the weakpoint at point blank range or something.

I had no problem with seeing the Nova Ranger show up at the last minute. None at all. It was cool seeing just one more and a treat to see them de-morph for at least a second before they were gone.

I thought it was very cool that Sky became the Red Ranger, but I feel like they should've awarded Boom the position as Blue or Green Ranger. While he can't fight for ****, he did prove his courage during the final battle.

There's a core solid sense about the series I felt that never seemed to coalesce to it's final fused form. Something that could've been great with its use of a Time Force uniform, great with it's potential for being space themed, great with its cast of characters, great production and grand stage to play on, but it misses the rung of greatness in the end, I feel.

All in all, I say the series get a solid B.

But right now, I have to say, Mystic Force looks absolutely beautiful.
Watched the promo over again and Henderson is NOT an MF ranger.

One thing that made SPD great was it's cast... MF cast looks a bit on the DT side but it hasn't aired so I can't judge them quite yet.


Because I'm a total sucker for SPD since I loved Deka I've read all the spoilers and I'm just staying up all night waiting for the torrent to pop up. I gotta see this, don't wanna wait til Saturday at all.


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Hmmm... My first impression while watching it... I liked Part 1 better.



I'll watch it again in the morning and post more indepth about it then. The Omni robot was huge and the little bit of original Zord footage pretty cool. It could've been better though. I felt that things fell a little flat.


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part 2 was awesome! :D Man, now SPD is over but I have the episodes on my computer if I want to watch it again lol If anyone wants the spd episodes, come on AIM and IM me :p

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ForeverBlue said:
FK, I have the episode on my computer if you want it. Get on AIM to IM if you want to see it sooner.

Already got the ep downloaded. But I need to MF promo if you got it?. I'm on AIM right now aswell dude.