Power Rangers Return to HAIM SABAN! + New Series Spring 2011!


I came at "The current pre-production process for the show's 18th season involves the search for a new cast and a new theme."


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And of course this obviuosly means back to production will be back to LA. Right? Oooooh ****, I can't wait.

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Goseigers would make a lot more sense to me IMO
It would, but if it's already in any form of production, I think it's far too early. I'm guessing they'll adapt Shinkenger and then by the next the next series comes by, they'll be far enough behind Sentai to chart things out.


And of course this obviuosly means back to production will be back to LA. Right? Oooooh ****, I can't wait.

**** yeah. I swear I will lose my mind if Nick or Saban buy rights to KRDK and the franchise again.


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Can we all get off our high horses about Adness. this isn't about god damn adness. this is the original. the king. the legend. HAIM SABAN. not the wang bros. Go Wank off somewhere else about that.


Oh Really ?

LA Times Says:

Saban said the company is in negotiations to buy three other brands. He declined to identify them but said that, unlike "Power Rangers," they are not aimed at children.

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I first read about this on Henshin Blog, and I was shocked.

So we're actually going to get a new season next year. It'll be interesting to see which Sentai gets adapted, but I won't dwell on it.

If Jonathan Tzachor is really coming back and will regain his position as producer, I hope he won't force the writers to follow the Sentai story so heavily this time around.

I'm looking forward to more news on PR's return, and on Nickelodeon this time. That channel will finally be useful to me again.


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Oh Really ?

LA Times Says:

Yeah, it doesn't really say that Adness might be involved at all. Especially the quote from the report "they are not aimed at children"........last I checked, the goal of KRDK was to target children to the Kamen Rider franchise.


Doesn't confirm anything related to Adness or KRDK!

Who said it was confirmed? I'm just hoping Kamen Rider is one of those brands.

Nick has already put together the closest lineup to Fox Kids we've ever had. Adding KR will be the icing on the cake.

Oh, you guys! I can't stop my tears..! :bawling: :D

Let's not get carried away! We don't know which brands that he's after..! We will have to see!


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Three other brands not aimed at children? Then my first assumption would be that Saban isn't looking at Kamen Rider, which is very much an adolescent property.

I wonder if he's looking at GARO, Cutey Honey the Live, or Keitai Sousakan 7? I couldn't imagine him getting these shows on national TV, but I wonder if he could turn a profit on them with DVD releases or high-end merchandising.