Power Rangers Return to HAIM SABAN! + New Series Spring 2011!


A new season NEXT YEAR to top it all off! HECK TO THE FRICKIN' YES!!! :castlerock::buttrock::band::jam::megarock: *blasts the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme*


I think they'll probably wait until the series after Goseiger to start putting out new stuff. They have the time now, and can sit on the merchandising profits from the new PR toy lines. Better to wait to really get ready rather than rushing something out.

If anything, I'm thinking Goseigers will be adapted! I think that series is a good way to welcome back PR to its rightful owner, but yah I agree.

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This is pretty glorious news. I'm hoping this increases the chances of us getting some of the older shows released on DVD. Woo.


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It really is impossible to kill this franchise (What is this, the...fourth, fifth time it's revived itself? *counts* MMPR actually making money making it longer, Turbo almost killed it then revived with Space, Wild Force/Ninja Storm near-screwup, Jungle Fury final season then RPM. RPM to be final season for real then this badass news...yup Five times)

So are we looking at Power Rangers Samurai Showdown or Celestial Warriors?


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Carried away? After the big news we just got? Do you realize how much of a surprise this news is? NOBODY thought Disney would sell the franchise to ANYONE, especially Saban! Look what just happened.

SOMEBODY here must've been saying their prayers. Could've been ForeverRed since he's a big Saban PR fan.

If this can happen, a Saban/Adness alliance wouldn't be surprising at all.

I hadn't really been following but I don't understand why people are so surprised. 'Power Rangers' wasn't doing anything for Disney.:laugh:

No wonder I've been getting excited over Sentai/Power Rangers, the show is coming back.


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This is some great news:anime: Today's been a good day for me. :) I'm interested to see how Shinken or Gosei will be adapted by Saban


You know to be honest I could careless what it's adapting or what they do with the franchise at this point. I'm just glad It's out of the clutches of that mouse. They didn't care much for the franchise so I'm glad its out of there hands!


Having only 20 segs is a little short to be a fully-formed series, so I imagine they're hoping for option C, and have the same cast continue their roles, even if it requires new powers, suits and zords.

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This is pretty glorious news. I'm hoping this increases the chances of us getting some of the older shows released on DVD. Woo.

My thoughts exactly. Thats the firs thing that popped into my head when I heard it.

I hope they dont skip Shinkenger, cuz Id be interested to see how they adapt it. Plus, it will give them time to cook something up as far as finding actors, setting up production, coming up with a story, etc. if they are a couple of seasons behind the Sentai series, they can do lots of things and have more time to do them. And if for some reason they need to catch up, they could always sorta mash two teams together, sorta like how they did with the Alien Rangers, only in a good way. lol


Off course its big news! Why wouldn't it? Just because mainstream auds don't give a **** about Power Rangers it doesn't mean the industry doesn't care about a multi million dollar franchise. A franchise that spawned a movie and 20 years of TV AND one that throned at the top of boy toys sales until the first Transformers movie came along. Franchises that can be exploited on multiple platforms is what Hollywood is all about now.

Its a cash cow. Off course htey care.

Yah I know it just didn't cross my mind at first. Cut me some slack, it's been a long time since PR had this much attention!


I don't think a 20 episode thing is definite. Maybe they gave them 20 to start out with and if it becomes hot again, they sign on more episodes. Like how Doomsday would have ended season 1 if it didn't take off.


What I think is most awesome is they could have very easily just re-booted the franchise, and started again from scratch. But instead, they're continuing it, by calling it "Season 18", and re-running Seasons 1 to 17 as if they're brand new too.


What about the other properties Saban used to own (Digimon, VR Troopers, Beetleborgs, etc.)? Does he own those shows again?

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