Power Rangers Operation Overdrive [Pre-Discussion Thread]


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Accelerate into Overdrive is actually morph call.

Remember "Magical Source, Mystic Force" in Mystic Force site? It turned out true because the morph call has been mentioned in Mystic Force show.

So it's possibly that Overdrive's Morph call can be true.

It's mostly Bruce's batting Average when it comes to PR. Unneeded out of suit powers that will mostly likely be forgotten in 5 or less episodes. Hobbies that don't match up with the "Source footage" (Why the Ranger whose hobby is racing is driving a Dozer for a Zord is beyond me.) I'm really not digging the uniforms. The all black with Colored stripes just doesn't do anything for me anymore. I want to see the return of Color in uniforms, not five people wearing the same black thing with only a couple stripes difference. And don't forgot about the constantly shifting character personalties in order to fight the source footage. Consistency is apparently damned. And looking at the site really doesn't make me feel like a change is happening soon.


If anyone can survive "Nickstic Force with 99% hackeyned Magi" then I think anyone can take Overdrive: Extreme Boukenger Edition.

Not that I'm excited for OO but expect Zuuuuuban to be the battlizer, Kelson's back yet(i) again and obviously Tui will be Drive Silver, it's obvious. Barnie Duncan will be the obvious goofy OO mentor. It screams "typecasting" to me.

If MF had 32, expect OO to have 26. Let the Kalishy watching commence!
it's the 15th flippin anniversary of Power Rangers for God's sake! Overdrive needs to be at least... 42 episodes.

...And a Black Black Ranger?! this oughta be interesting


It's Judgement Time!
Thats so fucking bad ass. I'm loving everything. The genetic powers, the plot! It's fantastic! I cant wait to see some real promos but this will tide me over for a while.


It's Judgement Time!
the red ranger collects anime

I just noticed that myself. That's so bad ass. Funny but bad ass that they even reference it! lol! :buttrock:

And guys. Please. Do we remember where the word "teenager" comes from? I'll give you a hint... "teenager". Even if you're 18, you are considered a young adult but technically still a teenager. And this is just semantics. This is hardly worth debating over, for the love of fucking science.

Anyway I love the plot. This whole "Crown" thing is really awesome. It gives a purpose to the treasure hunting. It makes it more meaningful, more alarming. I love it. I really hope this is a sign of good things to come from PR:OO.


has left HJU. Not coming back.
Here's hoping this washes away my disappointment with Boukenger as a whole.

Amen, man. Amen.

If anyone can't see the website; here's the pic for you! Enjoy!


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