Power Rangers Operation Overdrive [Pre-Discussion Thread]


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Check it out!


Red - Mack
Blue - Dax
Black - Will
Yellow - Ronny
Pink - Rose


Five brave teens out on an exciting global teasure hunt to track down seven long-last jewels the Crown of the gods. They must decode mind-crunching puzzles, embark on mythical adventures and overcome spectacular battles or Dark Forces will wear the crown and evil will be unstoppable. The entire universe's fate rests in the hand of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
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gentic inhancements and the red ranger collects anime thats kinda is expoltiv. like one time i was watching ben ten and he was reading manga and they zoomed in on it. oooooh ben reads manga, mangas hip so ben is hip.


has left HJU. Not coming back.
Here's a sloppy picture. Thanks to Merlin.



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I was pretty sure 18 meant you were a young adult.

Unless I'm living on planet crazy or something.


The suits resemble the Wind Rangers' ninja suits...pretty cool looking though. The fact that they seem a bit "militaristic" and only differ from each other by colour gives me the feeling that PROO's SGS counterpart will be a bit like SPD, Lightspeed Rescue; a kind of paramilitary organization I suppose, I don't know how else to put it. I mean the Black Ranger Will more or less looks like he's decked out in SWAT gear.

Could be a nice change from SGS' smaller structure where the Boukengers only had Mr Voice to answer to.


Yay. We got a black guy for this season.:buttrock: I knew Disney would reply to those bomb threats I sent them.:anime:
*Looks at site and shudders*

Okkkaaayyy I don't think I will be watching OO, Guess I will have to find something else to occupy my time.


I didn't expect them to be teenagers(or 18, I expected a sorta mix of age like SPD). The american footage in the character's page looks good. I can't wait to see the promo's, but it dose kill the fun on showing who is who, there were debates on which ranger is which last year.


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The cast looks promising, but the khaki holder doesn't go with the black uniforms! :laugh: I'm glad Rose looks alot like Sakura-neesan, this should be good! :thumbs: Is she an Asian? I can tell Blue is...

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