It was announced by Deadline that Jenny Klein, producer on The Witcher and Marvel series Jessica Jones on Netflix, would be joining the team for the upcoming Power Rangers Netflix series. Jenny will be joining Executive Producer Jonathan Entwistle (I Am Not Okay With This, The End of the F***ing World) and writer Bryan Edward Hill (Titans, Ash vs Evil Dead) on the project, which has been described as a “cinematic universe” by Entwistle and will feature “some familiar faces… in a brand new universe…” according to a recent Twitter post.
The film is also described as a full reboot for the films. With the (undeserved, in this writer’s opinion) box office flop of the 2017 film, Hasbro elected to reboot the universe, and begin fresh with Entwistle at the helm. The Hollywood Reporter said in 2019 that the film would...

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"So Fetch!"
I would have prefer a sequel of the Lionsgate movie. Now Ludi Lin, Dacre Montgomery and Naomi Scott are bigger stars, they should continue it.


I believe they are approaching it correctly. Start over and create a new team outside of the Power Rangers universe for kids. HOWEVER, once that's done, they should gradually bring up the old material.To be honest, I think it would be a good nod to the past while embracing the future to have an older Ranger from the past appear but only as a mentor figure, sort of pointing the new team in the right direction and letting them learn, or maybe have an older mentor character appear as the rangers' guide.


There's nothing wrong with a new team in a new universe.Every year, we hope for a more mature team, and it appears that we will be getting it. I just hope it acknowledges previous teams and even allows them to return. That doesn't mean I'm looking for old footage or actors. Any mention of other teams should be accompanied by new, higher-quality footage and possibly new actors, but should not contradict what has already occurred in the lore. The movie version on the other hand should have bigger actors.


If the next Power Rangers film is dark and contains adult content, it will undoubtedly fail. The 2017 film was a flop due to Chinese and Russian bans. Wasn't the 2017 film a commercial failure? What the hell happened in 2017 with Alpha and Zordon being trapped in a tube rather than a wall? Whatever you think of the 2017 film, it was terrible.

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