[SELLING] Power Rangers Megazords, Weapons, and Morphers Sell!!!! MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, Lost Galaxy

Hey guys!! I have ascertained some megazords that I am now planning on selling. I know some of these have some good memories. Without further ado, Here we go!


Thunder Megazord: Has the sled. The only things missing are the staff, firebird tail, and some of the crystals. I have a few of them. If you want specific ones, let me know, and I will find out. Asking $120+shipping.

Zeo Megazord: I am missing the sword and the helmet for the pink zord (the one that has the single large cannon). I must point out that the only issue that I have found with this one is that the bull helmet does not want to lock into place like normal. It does stay in its place, but it does like to fall out. I have tested it, and it is not the socket, but the helmet itself. I must also note that it is also missing the left horn. Asking $50+shipping.

Turbo Megazord: Only missing the sword. The one thing I must note is that on the right arm, the window was scratched, pulling some of the black enamel off. If you want to see the specifics, just let me know and I will get pictures. Asking $40+shipping.

Stratoforce Megazord: Complete, but with a bit of damage. On the chest plate, the left wing broke off. It could possibly be repaired, but it could only be glued into place. Also, I was informed that the other wing, while it is still attached, could potentially break. For this one, I would recommend a collector, or at least someone who is not going to play with this one. Asking $45+shipping.

Ninjor: COMPLETE, and he is just as flaming mad as he was in the series. His sword is on his back. Asking $25+shipping.

Ninja Megazord: Complete! The only thing not really pictured are the monkey's swords, but I do have them. I can get pictures to prove it if you wish. The only thing I see with this one is that the right eye sticker is missing on the Crane's head. It is also a little loose. Asking $50+shipping.


Samurai Megazord: Only lacking sword and shield. I have the beetle and the tiger. I have had a hard time finding the sword fish. Asking $30+shipping.


Wild Force Zords: I do not have the eagle zord or the tail for the shark. This is also the motorized bison zord. I got this because I had to get it in order to get the complete Kongazord. Asking $20+shipping for the set. Will negotiate if you only want one particular zord.

If anyone wants any close up pictures, just let me know and I will get them.

Here is a link to the album with the other items I know are being sold: http://imgur.com/a/WygzN#0

I know in the link, it says there are morphers and weapons. Those will come in in about two weeks. As soon as I have them, I will get them put up here. There may also be some more Megazords coming up, but those will depend on if I decide to keep them or not. Still deciding.

Happy hunting!!!
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