Apr 25, 2008
What will be like if anyone would recreate jungle fury better? I think of it as like Wild Force.

For centures, there is an ancient fighting style unlike any other. It is called: Jyuken; otherwise known as "Beast Fist". This fighting style has the ability to imitate animals and is fueled within a human's blood called Jungle Ki. Two martial arts schools are against each other: Pai Zhuq as Order of the Claw of the Fierce Beast Fist vs Akugata of the Dark Beast Fist.

Years have passed, and the war of Jyuken has continue to rage on and on. 3 teenagers are chosen to fight this battle as Power Rangers to battle the King of the Beasts and fallen student from the Pai Zhuq named Dai Shi.


Casey; the "Invincible Body" Red Ranger raised by tigers and filled with power within his body gets taken to Pai Zhuq and possesses the Tiger-Style Fist. Although he can't seem to remember his past, Casey is destined to fight against Dai Shi.

Lilly; the "Honest Heart" Yellow Ranger is Fun-loving and vivacious, Lily fearlessly accepts the responsibility given to her by Master Mao. She later became a Pai Zhua master by defeating Master Phant in battle. She possesses the cheetah style fist.

Theo; The "Creative Technique" Blue Ranger is Smart, strong, and a good fighter. Theo is fearless and commanding. He must learn the importance of working as a team. He has an identical twin brother named Luen. He later became a Pai Zhua master by defeating Master Swoop in battle. He possesses the Jaguar style fist.

Ray; The "Iron Will" Violet Wolf Ranger is Theo's brother and a Pai Zhuq student who thought to be gone many years ago before Theo came to Pai Zhuq. Ray wanted Theo to promise that he won't be ready to go to Pai Zhuq until they meet. So they did. Ray possesses the Wolf Style Fist. Ray turned himself and cursed into a werewolf when he met up with Dai Shi in battle.

Dominick; The "Amazing Ability" Rhino Ranger is clumsy, mischievous former Pai Zhua student sent by Master Mao to find his path in life. After six years of wandering, he finds himself at JKP with the Rangers. After initially rejecting him, the Rangers accept him into the team when he saves Fran from a falling sign. Dom possesses the Rhino Style Fist


Master Mao: The Rangers' previous master at the Pai Zhua academy who possesses a Caracal style Fist, able to assume a stronger anthropomorphic cat form. Though he died by one of Dai Shi's warriors, he still watches the rangers in spirit.

RJ is the Rangers' boss and new master, owner of the Jungle Karma Pizza restaurant and master of the Leopard style Fist. He is the one that gives them their powers and provides them with jobs. He also creates the Rangers' arsenal of weapons, gear, and vehicles.

Fran is a introverted, book-loving, some-what clumsy loyal patron of Jungle Karma Pizza. She was eventually hired to work in the restaurant and put up with her co-workers constantly disappearing with no explanation and practically manage the place on her own.


Jarrod: Jarrod is now named Dai Shi is the leader of Akugata; the Dark Beast Fist school. Jarrod abandoned everything Master Mao taught him, but still never forgotten some techniques. Jarrod wants to be a stronger fighter then Master Mao and the rangers. He possesses the Lion style fist, then possesses the griffin style fist.

Camille: Dai Shi's female servant, who awaited his return. She was originally the master of the Chameleon style fist, able to assume a fighting form and infuse Rinshi Beasts with more power. When Dai Shi became the Phantom Beast King, she was given the spirit of the Phoenix, by choice.

Shang Long: Shang Long possesses the Dragon style fist. He leads the Phantom Beast Fist. Shang is also responsible for making Jarrod fell to the dark path making him and eliminate Casey's dad.
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