Power Rangers Farscape Galaxy

On earth, the residents are collecting their items so they can go to the New World by way of Terra Venture. A guy named Leo is trying to go to the New World, but he can't because he hasn't got a passport. So he secretly climb aboard a plane and ends up on a last minute training session with some of the other Terra Venture fighters. Here he meets Kendrix, Kai and surprisingly to them all Leo's brother Mike. Elsewhere on the planet of Mirinoi, an evil villian named Furio is trying to steal the Quasar Sabers, five great swords with immense power that have been put in a rock 3000 years ago waiting for the chosen five to take them and protect the planet Mirinoi. Maya, a local girl of Mirinoi, is trying to escape from the Swabbies.

In her attempts to escape the foot soldiers, she ends up going through a portal and meet Mike, Leo, Kendrix & Kai.

Maya asks for their help and Mike & Kendrix go back with Maya to see if they can help her. After being told not to come along and to stay with Kai, Leo runs in after them, to see what the other side of the portal has to offer.

Feeling guilty about leaving his fellow teammates behind, Kai goes to a museum, which is really the Astro Megaship, and has the desire to fly it back to where his friends are, but the ship mechanic Damon, along with Alpha 6, doesn't think that the ship will fly as it is only a museum. But after a while Damon lends a helping hand and the Astro Megaship is flying once again.

They find another wormhole and go through it. Meanwhile Leo has caught up with Mike, Maya and Kendrix. They try and help Maya's people fight off Furio and the Swabbies. During the fight with Furio, Mike takes one of the Quasar Sabers out of the rock with great ease, which then prompts Maya, Kai, Kendrix and Damon to do the same, also with great ease, showing that they are the chosen ones. Furious that he cannot have the Quasar Sabers, Furio turns the whole planet into stone, along with it's inhabitants. Mike, Leo, Kai, Damon, Maya and Kendrix manage to escape, but then Furio appears and creates a huge crack in the floor, leaving Mike hanging on to the side of the wall. Leo comes to help but only manages to save the Quasar Saber. With Mike gone, the five brave heroes morph and battle off Furio and the remaining orange clad space pirates and then went inside the AMS before they turned to stone like the rest of Mirinoi will be soon enough.

Kai tells DECA to find Terra Venture, but 'she' told him (along with the others) that she can't find it anywhere and explains that they're in an unknown galaxy that's unidentifiable with her.

So now, most of the Galaxy Rangers are stuck in a lost galaxy far, far away from the one they know.

How would things go for them (DECA and Alpha included)?

How would things change for any of the "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy" and "Farscape" characters that are in this galaxy?

Finally, what happens if Aeryn Sun decided to fight alongside the Rangers, for some reason, while becoming the new pink ranger after Kendrix died?

Note: The gang are in the interstellar galaxy seen from Farscape, it'd always had existed in the
Power Rangers Universe and Mirinoi will be a planet from that unknown part of the universe.

John Crichton wouldn't have entered into the lost galaxy, but that doesn't mean that other Farscape chars won't appear.

Plenty of them will meet up with the Rangers at some point in the galaxy and stuff that has anything to do with John won't exist in this scenario.

Furio, Treacheron, Deviot and other monsters from PRLG will work for Capt. Mutiny in this and they'd always exist in the unknown galaxy.

Trakeena, Villamax, Kegler and the other Scorpius on the other hand won't exist at all.

The Magna Defender and his son will still exist(ed), Terra Venture will eventually get stuck in the lost galaxy, the Psycho Rangers, the Space
Rangers and Karone won't appear in this scenario and Captain Mutiny, Farscape Scorpius and other PR/Farscape antagonists will be the enemies
for the Power Rangers. They'll attack the Rangers for wormhole infomation, the Quasar Sabers, revenge, etc.

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