Power Rangers: Birds Of Prey (A Jetman adaptation)


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Plotline: [HIDE]In a secret lab in an ordinary high school in Florida, a young teen, Lucas Williams, has been chosen by his teacher, Christie, for a special project, the Jet-Project. In this experiment, Lucas will become a Bird Of Prey Ranger through exposure to the mysterious Birdonic Waves. As a ranger, he and 4 yet to be chosen others will protect the city from injustice. However, shortly after Lucas becomes a ranger, an evil alien emperor known as Radiguet mysteriously appears and claims he will rule the universe. After destroying the lab and the school, he vanishes. The Jet-Project equipment, damaged in the attack, errors and sends out Birdonic Waves to 4 random teenagers: cheerful dancer Kaitlyn, easygoing otaku Caleb, reserved cheerleader Haley, and good-natured college student Matthew. These 5 unlikely heroes will band together to save the universe from the Vyram... as the Power Rangers: Birds Of Prey!

Characters: [HIDE]Rangers:

Lucas/Hawk Ranger: Age 17, a student at the Eaglewing High School. He's bright, courageous, and a little bit stubborn, the makings of a great Red Ranger. He has brown hair in a bowl cut, and is fairly tall. He was the only person hand-picked by Christie for the Jet-Project, and thus, has the greatest potential of the team. Once he uses the Bird Morpher he becomes Red Hawk Ranger, and his Jetzord is the Hawkzord.

Kaitlyn/Swan Ranger: Age 16, a cheerful, energetic young girl who dreams of being a dancer. She is kind and caring, with long blonde hair. Her strengths are her agility and swift speed, but she lacks the raw strength of the men. The Bird Morpher turns her into White Swan Ranger, and her Jetzord is the Swanzord.

Caleb/Owl Ranger: Age 17, a friendly, easygoing otaku. He is 6 feet tall with brown hair, glasses, and blue eyes. He enjoys being with friends, and can sometimes be competitive. His strengths are his power and stamina, but he can be a little slow sometimes. His ranger form is the Yellow Owl Ranger, and his Jetzord is the Owlzord.

Haley/Swallow Ranger: Age 16, she is a tenderhearted cheerleader with black hair and hazel eyes. She tends to be shy, but is open and friendly to those she cares about. Like Kaitlyn, she is swift and agile, but prone to heavy attacks. Her ranger form is the Blue Swallow Ranger, and her Jetzord is the Swallowzord.

Matthew/Condor Ranger: Age 20, the oldest of the rangers, with brown bowlcut hair and often wears a light brown jacket. He's friendly and highly sociable, but can sometimes let his competitive rivalry with Lucas get in the way of things. He is very powerful, but sometimes resorts to below-the-belt fighting in tough situations. His ranger form is the Black Condor Ranger, and his Jetzord is the Condorzord.


Emperor Radiguet: The alien emperor of the Vyram War Party. He is vengeful, merciless, and will stop at nothing to defeat the Rangers, even if it means working against the rest of the Vyram. He is blue-skinned with silver armor, and a crescent-bladed sword.

Grey: A grey cyborg with many dangerous weapons, primarily a bullet launcher on his hand. Although he is a ruthless killer, he is also an aristocrat who enjoys fine wine and classical music.

Maria: An innocent woman brainwashed into becoming a lethal killer. She wears strange white clothing and bulbous headgear. Her main weapon is an electric whip that she strangles and slams her prey with. She also plays the piano very well. Grey is in love with her.

Tran: A childish boy clothed in black with a strange electronic visor. He sees fighting the Rangers as a "game", and creates monsters out of toyish household objects. The other Vyram look down on him for his childish ways.

Other characters:

Christie: Age 30, she is the commander of the Rangers. Although she is attractive with her fine figure and blonde hair, she is highly devoted to her job, sometimes to the point that she seems cold and emotionless. [/HIDE]


[HIDE]Bird Morpher: A bracelet that attaches to the left arm, to be struck with the right hand. Once struck, the wings inside pop out, releasing Birdonic energy that transforms the user into a Bird Of Prey Ranger.

Communication Brace: A bracelet that attaches to the left arm, used to contact and communicate with the other Rangers.

Talon Sword: A broadsword used by the Rangers.

Bird Blaster: A laser pistol used by the Rangers.

Bird Buster: A laser rifle, a combination of the Talon Sword and Bird Blaster, used by the Rangers. Most powerful when all 5 are used at once.

Jetzords: The Hawkzord, Swanzord, Owlzord, Swallowzord, and Condorzord, are assault jets used by the Rangers. The Hawkzord and Condorzord come equipped with laser cannons, the Swallowzord's wings detach and strike the enemy like a boomerang, and the Owlzord comes equipped with a steel crane to pick up large boulders and drop them on target.

Phoenix Megazord: A larger fighter jet, a combination of the 5 Jetzords. Its special technique is the Phoenix Finisher, which engulfs the Megazord in flames, and plows through the target.

Icarus Megazord: A giant fighting robot, a combination of the 5 Jetzords. Comes equipped with several weapons, including the Jet Dagger, Jet Axe, Jet Spear, Jet Mace, and the finishing weapon, the Birdonic Saber. [/HIDE]

[HIDE] Episode 1: Seek The Rangers! (Coming Soon) [/HIDE]


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Episode 1:
Seek The Rangers

Part 1:

"We got you cornered, now pay up!" shouted a teenager in black clothes. He and his gang of bullies had cornered Lucas Williams, a student of age 17, and they weren't going to show him any mercy. "This won't take long, boys. Get him!" shouted the pugnacious bully. Sooner than you could blink, his flunkies lunged toward Lucas, who said to himself "If that's how you're gonna be... then take this!". Lucas, in defense, quickly dashed out of the way and did a low sweep-kick on the leader, who fell to the ground. This sparked a large fisticuff, eventually leading to all of the master's goons fainting of exhaustion. "Argh! Stubborn brat!" shouted the leader, who then lunged toward Lucas, ready to punch. "You'll never learn, will you?" Lucas exclaimed, ready to punch, himself. The two fists collided, knocking both combatants to the ground. Both were hurt, but Lucas's opponent sprang up first. "I'll teach you not to mess with your better..." he said assuredly, as he walked toward Lucas, with a pocket knife in hand. "NOW PAY UP!!!" shouted the black-clad bully as he started to thrust the knife, when suddenly, a shout of "Break it up!!" was heard from a distance. It was the teacher, Christie Andrews, who had caught the fight just in the nick of time. "Bruce, you know it's against the rules to take people's money, and even moreso to bring dangerous weaponry to school! To the principal's office with you!" shouted the teacher. "Grr... you win this one, but you haven't seen the last of me!" Bruce shouted, as two of the teacher's aides escorted him away.

"Nice going bringing that gang to justice." Christie said, pleased with Lucas's self-defense skills. "Thanks, it was no problem." Lucas replied calmly. Christie began to speak: "I have something highly important to show you after school today. Would you come to the science lab to see it after final period?" "Hmm... if you say it's important I guess I'll check it out." replied Lucas, exhausted from the scuffle. "OK, see you there soon!" replied the teacher, going back to her post.

Lucas, somewhat curious, but also somewhat against his will to come back home, entered the science lab. There he saw a strange, high-tech construction, a machine that looked like you could be hooked into it. Christie was there discussing unfamiliar things with several Japanese scientists in black suits. "We're really glad you could make it, Lucas. You're about to experience a life-changing project, the Jet-Project." said the teacher. Lucas, who was surprised beyond belief by this, exclaimed "What is this?! And why do you want me?!". One of the scientists walked up to the teenage fighter, and started to explain: "Nowadays it seems like there's been a lot of conflict and crime going on in this city. Robberies, conflicting criminal gangs, and so on. But, with the help of your bright and wise teacher, we've developed a machine that will turn gifted people into superhuman heroes with capabilities far beyond human restrictions." The teacher began to speak again: "So far we're looking for 5 eligible teenagers to take part in the project... you've shown your athletic skills to be worthy enough for the project." she explained. "So... you basically want me to be a superhero?" Lucas enthusiastically asked. A scientist replied, "You could say that. The powers you gain through this experiment will be released when you use this!", and he held up a bracelet. "This is a Bird Morpher, it will allow you to become a Bird Of Prey Ranger. Inside the suit, you can use extreme martial arts, weaponry beyond today's most modern warfare, and even fly after gaining enough momentum." he explained. "Do you think you're up to the task?" Lucas thought for a few seconds, then replied: "I never truly believed anything like this would ever happen... this is like a dream! Of course I'll do it!"

"Thank you! We knew you would be willing!" exclaimed the teacher. Two scientists escorted Lucas to the chamber where the experiment would take place. "This may hurt now, but the transformation process will give you the powers... of a Bird Of Prey Ranger!" said one of the scientists. Lucas was placed inside the chamber, and strapped in with two metal straps. The teacher crossed her hands to pray, and then exclaimed "Jet-Project: BEGIN!!!" One of the scientists pressed a button on the machine, and suddenly, sparks of energy started to flare up in Lucas's body! Flashing red, they brought a good deal of shock. Lucas gritted his teeth, but then couldn't help screaming out loud. Subliminal images of space, the stars and planets, and a hawk rushed inside Lucas's mind. After about a minute, which seemed more like a year to our hero, the test was over.

"Did it work?" asked the teacher, nervous. "I don't know for sure..." said Lucas. "Here, see if you can lift this heavy weight." said one of the scientists, pointing to a 200 lb. barbell lying on the ground. Lucas walked up to it, took a deep breath, and... FLASH! Suddenly, a blue-skinned, silver-armored man mysteriously appeared in the room. "Fall on your knees, citizens of earth! I am Emperor Radiguet of the Interdimensional War Party Vyram! We are the new rulers of the universe... therefore, WE ARE YOUR GODS!" shouted this alien, who knocked down the three scientists like they were lighter than air. Lucas sprang up, put up his fists, and shouted "What makes you think you can do this?" Radiguet responded, "HAHAHAHA! Your human mind is truly incapable of knowing what the Vyram can do! To show you our power... we will eradicate this school in less than a minute!" The alien emperor brandished a crescent-bladed sword, and started slashing everything in sight in the lab! The Jet-Project machine was destroyed, and the sparks from it went haywire! Four different lightning bolts from the machine, in the colors of white, yellow, blue, and black, raced around the room, and shot skyward.

Radiguet fleed the lab after completely decimating it and killing the scientists. Lucas and Christie evacuated quickly, only to find the school building on fire!!! "HAHAHAHA! Did you really think I was kidding when I said it would take less than a minute?" the alien warlord shouted, and with a clench of his fist, BOOM! the schoolhouse exploded. "Do not try to stop us, we will destroy your universe and build a Vyram utopia with its remains!" he said, and vanished into thin air.

Lucas was beyond mad. "GET BACK HERE YOU FIEND!!!" he shouted, but Christie grabbed him, insisting "I have to get you away from here, please come with me!" Lucas struggled, still insisting to go after Radiguet, but Christie punched him in the gut, causing him to faint, and then carried him on her shoulder. She went down an underground tunnel, leading to a secret base. There was a giant, crimson fighter jet with a hawk's face and beak at the head. Christie loaded Lucas onto it, and flew into the skies.

Lucas woke up to find himself in a hospital bed in a high-tech lab with all sorts of buttons, keyboards, and monitors. "Where am I!? WHERE'S THAT ALIEN!!!??" he shouted, and sprang up. Christie slapped him in the face to make him come to his senses, and replied "We're in Sky Camp, a secret base I built for the Jet-Project participants. "You built this yourself? I'm impressed..." he said. "Of course not by myself, the scientists helped too, only... only they're dead now!! Radiguet killed them!" the teacher cried. "Don't worry, I'll use my new powers to avenge them and save humanity." Lucas replied calmly. Christie urgently remembered: "The Jet-Project machine! It was destroyed! Which means the Birdonic Waves contained inside were released!" Lucas responded, "Where would they have traveled to?!" and the teacher replied "As soon as a wave is released, it finds a host, so anyone could have been hit with them!" This could mean only one thing: the two of them would have to seek out the chosen heroes.

Part 2 is in the works. Please leave feedback, and thanks for reading.


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That's awesome! Looking forward to it! And yeah, I was interested in Jetman since I read about it. I like how it's influenced by Gatchaman! I'll hopefully watch it one day!:D


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That's awesome! Looking forward to it! And yeah, I was interested in Jetman since I read about it. I like how it's influenced by Gatchaman! I'll hopefully watch it one day!:D

Grown Ups In Spandex is subbing new, DVD-quality rips of the show right now, so now's the perfect time to watch it.


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It may be a little while, I'm going to have to rewatch the fight scenes in episode 1 of Jetman to make this as show-accurate as possible.