May 16, 2006
Bad timing did this one in before, lets hope we avoid that fate this time around


Millions of years ago a meteor came crashing down from space, starting what eventually led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Simple enough to understand right? After all it what was taught in schools, unless you slept through that particular class and even then something was bound to bring it up at some point. And of course we were all taught what followed with a bunch of boring science mumbo jumbo that was pretty boring and could have probably be summarized alot quicker. Long story short lizards die out, mammals survive, humans end up being dominant species and thats about it. They werent smart enough to survive and now the closest things we have to them are the smaller and far less impressive lizards that is lucky will be kept in a tank in some person's room somewhere. It's not like there was some glimmer of intelligence somewhere in some of them that was somehow smart enough to survive. That was pretty easy to believe until recently at least, if you happen to be smart enough to look in the right places. Written off as fake news and stories told by attention seeking nutjobs, there have been an increasing number of sightings of reptilian humanoids spotted all over the world as well as rumors of even larger lizards beginning to crop up.

Soon enough all the naysayers were made to look like idiots when an enlarged, mutated dinosuar resembling a T-Rex appeared in New York city,and this time not in a bad in name only giant monster movie. With it came an ornately dressed figure that identified itself as a reptilloid, one of the many descendants of the true masters of the earth. It declared that the time had come for them to take their rightful place on and wipe out the hairless apes that had arisen and infested the planet. things were looking pretty bad until the reptilloid's speech had suddenly been cut off by the appearance of a large robot which promptly began to repel the attackers. It was by no means an easy fight but in the end it managed to drive it off before mysteriously vanishing, leaving nothing but questions in it's wake.

In truth the robot known as the EleTanker was one of a set, a set meant to unite into an even stronger machine, each meant to be controlled by a different person. To be used with these machines were a series of combat suits meant to handle smaller human sized threats each with a different animal motif matching the machine they were meant to be used with. The reason these exist in the first place: an eccentic billionaire and owner of the multinational Lambda Corporation Jonathan Cranston. While no one could have possibly seen such a thing coming he was always the type that believed there were crazy things out there, and that when the time came earth would need heroes to handle them, and thus diverted quite a bit of time and effort toward his "BeastTech" project and even raised his son Sean to be apart of his plan. When the Reptilloids revealed themselves and caught the world with his pants down he was ready, or at least partially ready. While Sean in control of the EleTanker managed to drive off the attack it proved to be a tough task by himself. It was apparent that the rest of the team would have to be scouted quickly in order to garuntee repeated success in the future until the thread would finally be completely neutralized.

1. no godmoding our powerplaying without my permission(in some cases with villains it can be allowed)

2. if you wont be able to post for a while have someone(other than me) cover for you

3. no morons

4. pay attention to posts

6. Try not to leave people behind and dont rush the plot

7. Bios are required to join

8. I will not be reserving spots

9. Dont join unless you plan on posting regularly

11. Have fun

The enemies:
The Reptilloid empire, a race of subterrean humanoid reptiles claiming to be descended from ancient dinosaurs. With a blend of technology and mysticism they are able to transform their kind into powerful combat beasts known as Xenosaurs. To be transformed into a Xenosaur is considered a great honor for their kind.

BeastTech support and technology:

Sub-Base Poseidon:
A massive, mobile, submersible vessel which serves as a base for the BeastTech rangers as well as storage for the BeastTech zords. It's an impressive structure as well as a sign of Jonathan's eccentricity possesing only a few male crew members with the rest being attractive females whose uniforms look like skimpy maid outfits. Sean Cranston grew up on this structure rather than in a normal city or town.

BeastTech Machines:
The four machines meant to combine into the BeastTech megazord. Each has three modes: vehicle, beast and warrior.
EleTanker: The largest of the four BeastTech zords which serves as the core for the formation. Controlled by Ranger Red

EagleSoarer: The fastest and most agile of the four BeastTech zords which forms the head of the Beastking Megazord. Controlled by Ranger Yellow

LigerRacer: One of the two machines which become the feet of the Beastking allowing it give the big heavy EleTanker core the speed needed to be effective. Controlled by Ranger Blue

RhinoCharger: The other ground based machines which forms the feat of the Beastking allowing it give the big heavy EleTanker core the speed needed to be effective. Controlled by Ranger Black

Red: Vibro-Claymore
Yellow: Aero-Boomerang
Blue: Sting-Whip
Black: Charger-Lance

Strike Blasters: A laser pistol with a normal and rapid settings, four blasters can beam their energy into one to form on powerful attack.

TechChanger: Two wrist worn devices which interface with each other to summon the BeastTech suits around the wearer.


Lambda Corp:
Jonathan Cranston/mentor/eccentric boss: NPC
The Maids: NPC

The Team:
BeastTech Red: Sean Cranston/played by me
BeastTech Blue: Clover Wysor/MagiPink
BeastTech Yellow: Epsilon Sencrest/Denjin_zaboga23
BeastTech Black: available

Enemies will for the most part be NPCs

My profile:

Name: Sean Cranston

Age: 19

Designation: BeastTech Red


Mecha: EleTanker

Weapon: Vibro-Claymore

History: With a father like Jonathan Cranston there was no doubting that he wouldnt exactly have the most normal upbringing, especially when the place he called home happened to be a large underwater mobile base. But all of that was intensified by the fact that throughout his life he was being prepared to be the spearhead of proect BeastTech, the team's leader and controller of the Beastking's core machine, the EleTanker. From a young age he was given gradually increasing amount of training according to what he was deemed old enough to handle. As a reward of sorts when Sean reached adolesence Jonathan had decided to make a rather unique change to the sub-base's crew changing out most of the crew for a crew of attractive young women in maid outfits thus giving his son something nice to look at as he continued. Rather than being distracted by his newer and attractive surroundings, he actually worked harder to try and impress his attractive companions, a somewhat suprising yet very welcome result.

He grew quite accustomed to his fiercely loyal crew of maids who seemed to enjoy his company at least half as much as he enjoyed theirs. He also had a habit of enjoying good long looks at the features that their "uniforms" displayed so well, even being unable to keep his hands to himself at times and getting away with it thanks to him sort of being their boss aboard the Poseidon, and a few may have actually liked the attention. Even though he had certainly got a good enough amount of social interaction thanks to the maids, he still had very little exposure to society, mostly in the form of movies, videos and the occasional news report thus operates mostly on assumptions when it comes to people. Observing this Jonathan began to think of ways to rectify this abnormal behavior. After all even as an integral part of project BeastTech he definatly didnt want his son to not be able to function normally in society.

Before anything could be decided on though the Reptilloid's revealed themselves, forcing Sean to go out alone in the EleTanker and fight them off. Despite achieving victory it was clear that the team would need to be completed quickly in order to operate at it's full potential. For once it was decided to not choose people from within Lambda's infrastructure to be apart of his project and instead began using his vast network of resources in order to scour three normal, but talented individuals to be apart of the team. He hopes that they will not only serve as strong allies for Sean as the other BeastTech rangers, but also as a way for Sean to gain more insight into how normal society actual is.
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Princess of Equesteria
Feb 18, 2006
Name: Clover Wysor

Age: 19

Designation: BeastTech Blue



Mecha: LigerRacer

Weapon: Sting-Whip

History: As the daughter of two noble diplomatic figures representing Paris, France her social upbringing to be aimed highly. To Paris citizens’ the young buxom woman is viewed to be its ‘princess’ further representing the city of love by helping with humanity work. With her parents’ core duties had kept them apart most of the time during her childhood was left unattended either accompany by a nanny or butler. When their duty to their country arisen during certain events (like her birthday example) knows that what they do is important cannot help feel sad. Though rather let this be known to anyone Clover responds with a warm and kind smile.

As Clover not only grew in both mind and body became more independently refusing her parent’s wishes to be accompanied by either a bodyguard or servant. Much that their intentions are only with good intentions fined it absolutely unnecessary was capable of being fine without someone breathing downs her neck. Especially when it narrowed down to what she does during her own spare time away from such duties. It was more of a turn on really knowing she could very well be caught and expose to the public media. Aside from growing in the right features Clover had taken on another personality discovered during her last visitation into the United States.

That personality was that of a dominatrix. The new awakening was such an adrenaline rush did not keep it entirely under wraps when it came to the opposite sex. If there was a guy that she had taken a fancy made no claim to hide it from him. Unfortunately not every guy like the idea did not make Clover dishearten. For not only was it their lost, they had no real passion for life trying new things. Speculations have been made by the media, but none have been credited due to lack of evidence of Clover’s wild side. The only difference of this dominatrix she's only into guys.

When her duties brought her back to the United States Clover bared witness to the first attack and the mysterious savior. What was it? Where did it come from? These questions were soon to be answered in an unusual request from Sean’s father to see her personally. With Clover only gathered from the short conversation accepted the terms questioning the nature. When the nature of the private meeting had been revealed Clover felt a little crossed at first agreed. The memory of that day burned deeply was not finalized the decision, but the picture frame sitting on his desk.
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Sweet Sweets
Jun 27, 2005
Name: Epsilon Sencrest

Age: 18

Designation: BeastTech Yellow


Mecha: EagleSoarer

Weapon: Aero-Boomerang

History: As given by Epsilon's first name and looks, she isn't your typical person, not in the slightest. All she knows about her past is that she lived on the streets of some city for a good portion of her life, until she found what she thought was an easy person to pickpocket so she could keep herself nourished. The person she tried to pickpocket, however, was Vario Sencrest, an official of the Lambda Corporation, and though she managed to nab his wallet, it wasn't long before she was found out and forced to give the wallet back. This event caused the then nameless Epsilon to want revenge, and she thought that she would get it if she followed him to his work and take something of value from the company he worked for.

Through some complicated circumstances, she snuck aboard what appeared to be a private sub (something that, in hindsight, she should have paid more attention to) and actually wound up in the secret underwater base that the Lambda Corporation owned. Needless to say, she couldn't stay hidden in such a place for long and was caught. Instead of being dumped into the ocean (as she feared), Vario instead wanted to adopt her, thinking that her skills could actually be useful in the project that the Lambda Corporation was working on. Though, Vario made the mistake of letting Epsilon choose her own name, and that is why she has such an odd name in the first place.

Over the years, she trained at the Sencrest estate, honing her already impressive agility and sneaking skills. However, her pilot training took much longer than anticipated, hence why she could not help Sean when he made his first sortie. As for Sean, she doesn't mind him, but will not play into his game of wearing a maid uniform since she is female and at the Underwater Base now. She instead insists on wearing some kind of full body suit, insisting that it is "cool looking". Still, now that she has finished her pilot training, she is more than ready to help fight against the Reptilloids.

Epsilon is very sneaky and agile, able to stay hidden just about anywhere thanks to the training she has done over the years. Epsilon's personality, though, is a whole different matter. She holds grudges easy, will go out of her way to see them through, and has numerous quirks about her. She is rarely seen not wearing her bodysuit, and sometimes acts that she isn't even all there at times, probably as a result of having no real formal education, other than comic books, manga, and other magazines she scrounged up when she was homeless.
Jul 23, 2010
(All done. Got a little carried away with this one. Hope it's ok. )

Name: Gavin Kade

Age: 20

Designation: BeastTech Black


Mecha: RhinoCharger




A series of head to head vehicle combat simulators famous for Their large cabinets. Created by a video game developer funded by the Lambda corporation, The BATTLE TECH games are often credited as the games which revived the arcade scene, Even more so than the street fighter games decades prior.

The player interface within the large cabinets was a big draw of the game. Though requiring an initial tutorial the first game's interface was made to be very approachable and intuitive. allowing it to pull in players from all walks of life. A second drawing point came after the games initial release. Various competitive leagues were formed in every arcade. Eventually the developers felt the need to created a second iteration of the game. One which separated the casual players from the competitive ones.

BATTLE TECH MK.II was created. It's cabinet was even larger, boasting a more complex and and responsive interface which proved to challenging for some of the competitive players. This proved to be an issue in smaller towns and cities. To remedy it, All MK. II games were connected to a network. allowing players in different parts of the world to play against each other in real time. Ghost data was collected and used for the game's time attack and racing modes, and team and triathlon modes were integrated into the MK.II and original machines as well.

At the peak of it's popularity rumors began to spread of a third game in the works. It seemed unusual from a financial standpoint as the first two games were still raking in large amounts of money. To make matters even more confusing, Leaked Cabinet schematics indicated that the interface would be even more complex than before. It would be as close as any game had gotten to fully replicating the control scheme of an armored vehicle.

The rumors turned out to be true and the third game , "BATTLE TECH : CLASS S", Received a very limited release. A large number of advanced players traveled to the arcades housing the class S machines and many were dissuaded from pursuing it's use beyond their first try. Like the MK. II system before it, The "CLASS S" control scheme proved to daunting for many. Leaving an elite few to form the Class S league.

Due to the limited number of Class S machines, the games developers added an extra difficulty setting into the MK. II machines. Triple S. Simply surviving a 5 minutes in this difficulty qualified players for "Class S" tournaments. In order to keep things fair, "CLASS S" machines were only activated during tournaments.

he biggest tournament is held during the World Cyber Games And is done in 4 stages. The first is a bracket style tournament using modes contained in the original and MK. II systems. The second is a round robin tournament where the player's in game avatars are chosen at random. While winning each battle is crucial the winner is determined by an overall score based on the in game machines they used and how said machines compared to their own customized unit. The third is a team based competition where players break into groups of 4 and challenge on another. there are separate awards for team victory and most valuable player.

The last and the strangest of all stages was a singe player campaign mode. Each "CLASS S" , regardless of their standing in the tournament challenged players to complete the single player mode without dying. There were no second lives and it had the player battling other worldly creatures rather than other machines. The only prize one attained for completing this mode was a small card. "The campaign card" as it was dubbed by fans of the game, allowed to their respective owners access to "CLASS S" machines when tournaments weren't occurring. Through the card they were also given access to a larger campaign mode.

A rift was drawn within the game's community. "CLASS S" players found the advantage card holders gained in being able to practice outside of tournaments unfair. This led to card holders being banned from local tournaments. It would be these card holders who would have to suffer for the sake of the game. They were barred from all "CLASS S" competitions. While they were allowed their own competitions there was definitely something missing. Eventually the developers of the game came up with a new idea. They made the unnofcial term of "Card holder" official. And made their status as being above all "CLASS S" public. From that day forward, the only way to obtain a campaign card was to defeat a "card holder". They played upon the envy and negativity directed towards the "Card holders" Big tournaments like the world cyber games were used to grant high level players a shot at the card holders. Till this day not one of them has been defeated in a one on one battle.[/hide]

There was never really anything out of the ordinary about Gavin. In both appearance and intelligence he was varying degrees of average. There was only one aspect in his life where Gavin truly shined. Video games, Specifically the "BATTLE TECH" franchise. He placed highly in every tournament he attended. Becoming more and more skilled at the game with each event. He advanced through the competitive leagues of the first game and progressed into the MK. II tournaments with relative ease. Similar to his standing in real life, He didn't shine in a particular area, He was an all around player who had no noteworthy weaknesses. This made it easy to pray upon the flaws of his opponents. He didn't always place in the top three but was noted for his consistently good showing in every competition.

It was after he won the MK. II Regional tournament that he decided to devote as much of his time and energy to the game as possible. By then he'd completed high school and was putting off college to Go pro in the game, much to his families dismay. In spite of that they supported him as he rose through the ranks. Eventually becoming one of the two people in his hometown to qualify for the "CLASS S" tournaments. He and his rival eventually fell into what some called the lost generation. The first and last group of people to obtain campaign cards. items which allowed players access to "CLASS S" machines when there weren't tournaments going on as well as the game's expanded campaign mode.

Like always Gavin fell between the cracks of the card holders. Not standing out in one way or another. He actively avoided the limited fame associated with being a card holder. He instead isolated himself from the world. Devoting himself to progressing through the advanced campaign. Attending "BATTLE TECH" events only when he needed additional funds. Gavin was using the game to escape his own anxiety. Months prior he'd been outed for an act of cowardice that resulted in a friend of his older brother being hospitalized. Though his family forgave him Gavin could see that they'd lost a degree of faith in him. And nothing he tried to make up for what he'd done could change that.

Gavin's progression through the campaign did not go unnoticed. Days after the incident in New York city. He was approached by a well dressed man who identified himself as an employee of the Lambda Corporation. The man explained to Gavin that the Lambda Corporation has been funding the developers of the "BATTLE TECH" franchise in order to obtain statistical data on the players. He explained further that the "CLASS S" games in particular were being used to scout people with potential to pilot live combat vehicles. They needed only one and Gavin had been chosen. He convinced his family and friends that he'd found a full time job abroad as a consultant for BATTLE TECH and bid them farewell for the time being.

Gavin devoted himself fully to the harsh training he was put through. He excelled at piloting But struggled with most of the physical and combat training. Through sheer determination he pushed himself to meet the standards required of him to move on to the next phase. The first step of which was meeting his new teammates.
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May 16, 2006
Magi and Denjin are approved of course gonna have to read yours over again G.K. I kept getting distracted
Jul 23, 2010
Sorry. I got super carried away with that profile :p Though if it helps, I tried to put the basic profile together in a way that would allow the hidden part to be skipped entirely if you didn't feel like reading it.
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