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Luka Millfy


Power Rangers Ancient Knights
A GoseiYellow Production


Power Rangers... the legendary heroes, known to the people of Earth and young children look up to. For many years, these spandex-clad heroes defended the planet from the evil forces who try to bring destruction for power and leave a legacy for the people to remember them and share the heroic deeds they have done for the city. People thought that the first Power Rangers were formed by Eltarian wizard Zordon and his assistant Alpha 5, involving five teenagers with attitude...but the truth is, they weren't the first Power Rangers, nor the first team that used the power of dinosaurs.

Millions of years ago, early humans lived in harmony along with dinosaurs, building a royal civilization involving five kingdoms. However, that peace was soon interrupted when a demon king named Azaroth rose from the depths of hell. Serving as the leader of a dark civilization called the Black Order, Azaroth ignited an attack placing both the five kingdoms in danger and enslaving the dinosaurs and the people with them.

However, a powerful sage named Owain had already had something up his sleeve. With his magic, he has created special armor, weaponry, and five colossal robots resembling five dinosaurs and imbuing the five spirits with five elements which represent the Earth into five small crystals, those elements are Fire, Earth, Water, Lightning, and Wind. Together, he has found five unlikely civilians after freeing them from Azaroth's cruelty and together they became the original first generation of Power Rangers.

A war between them and the Black Order ensued and the rest of the knights of the kingdoms joined the heroes to help free themselves from Azaroth's wrath. With the aid of their new power, the Power Rangers managed to make Azaroth fall onto his knees and seal them away with Owain's magic, bringing peace and freedom for the five kingdoms and its dinosaur brethren. Unfortunately, this civilization would soon meet another disaster as meteors struck Earth, killing everyone, including the Power Rangers and all of the dinosaurs would soon become extinct.

Years have passed and the Earth has evolved from a developing planet to a shining utopia and all of humanity has evolved with it. But then one day, an earthquake struck and the seal the first Power Rangers have cast has broken, freeing Azaroth and his generals, and it alerted Owain, who was put in suspended animation after the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Now in a new era, Owain created a new arsenal, including a group of knight-like keys called the Knight Souls and special devices called the Ancient Knight Morphers. Feeling Azaroth's power rising, he had little time left to recruit five future knights and train them to fight Azaroth and the Black Order.

He managed to find one... the future Yellow Ranger, he must find four more individuals and bestow the power of the dinosaurs and become the next Power Rangers.

And so, the story begins...

Okay, this is the first RPG I'm doing since forever and I thought that I get some interest from people. If you are, lemme know and I will post up the CC thread.

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