Power Ranger Jason David Frank Leaves Earth At 49

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Peter Paltridge

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90s kids everywhere received horrible news over the weekend with the discovery that actor Jason David Frank, eighth degree black belt in karate and star of the original Power Rangers series, had passed. He was 49.
Out of all the hundreds of Rangers that have ever been, Frank’s character was perhaps the most iconic. Introduced as the Green Ranger and originally in a villainous role, Tommy Oliver reformed at the end of his arc and eventually turned into the White Ranger, leading the team from that point. While there were some young actors who had higher aspirations and couldn’t run away from Power Rangers fast enough, Frank LOVED the show and its fans, and stuck around as long as he possibly could.
Because of this, Tommy Oliver is the one constant in the rotating, nearly 30-year history of the series. He was the lead in both the original Mighty Morphin’ series and its follow-up Zeo. He guest-starred in Power Rangers Turbo, reappeared during the tenth anniversary, and came back for a...

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This is a very sad news. Also I know Jason David Frank from a long period of life delivering very good Martial Arts skills to the people. But his death is something bad.


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We lost a lot of the original Power Rangers Cast now, RIP Thuy Thrang, Machiko Soga and now Jason David Frank. I will miss you Tommy Oliver!


This man was the sole source of my childhood's existence. When I was a kid, you were my childhood hero
and the object of my affection. It's heartbreaking when a person you looked up to as a child dies,especially
when it's due to a tragic event like suicide. Remember that leaving instead of seeking help is never a good
idea. Stay strong, everyone. Every day that you are able to get out of bed is a blessing.


We will never forget what he did as the Green and White Ranger, and he will be greatly missed. May the
power continue to watch over you and keep you safe, Jason David Frank. Jason's life, like ours, has been full of ups and downs, but no matter what, he will keep going because he is a superhero to all children, including us when we grow up, and is always a Power Ranger. RIP. Thanks for giving us Tommy Oliver in our lives.


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This man will be greatly missed. He was a big part of my childhood and one of the main reasons I love the

Power Rangers. Because of this one person, I enjoyed watching them even more than before. The Power

Rangers will be celebrating their anniversary in a few days. I'm not sure if it will feel the same without him.

The Zyborg

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One of the main things that sparked my interest in martial arts when I was younger was watching the original Power Rangers show. I'm sure I'm more upset about how he died than about his death itself. Suicide is a tragic act, and I hope that anyone who notices the warning signs in themselves or others seeks help before it's too late. People who love and care about him prayed for them. He is best known for his roles as the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo and Turbo, the Black Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, and the Green and White Rangers in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Jason David Frank was a well-known figure. Everyone in the fandom misses him terribly.
This news has taken me by surprise. My childhood hero has died. I desperately wish I could have met him
and told him how much he meant to me. I have no choice but to hope that he was aware of it in some way the entire time. I'm thinking of and praying for his children and the other ranger actors he considered family. You never know what someone else is going through, so it is critical to check in on family, friends, and even enemies on a daily basis. Rest in peace, Jason, and thank you for all the years you inspired us all. You will be sorely missed.
His stepdaughter, with whom he had a close relationship, committed suicide in recent years. With the stress of his marriage dissolving, he must have felt as if his entire world had turned upside down. I hope everything turns out well for him and his family, and that he can finally find peace. I became a fan of the Power Rangers after seeing them for the first time, and Jason's role as Tommy was one of my favorites. Even now, I remain a supporter. He was a fantastic ranger and a true legend in the series, and he will be remembered as such. Jason David Frank, may you rest in peace, and may the power always watch over you and keep you safe.


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He was the greatest Power Ranger of all time. I'm still heartbroken that this happened. I've always liked the Power Rangers, and my favorite was Jason David Frank. May his soul rest in peace. He will always be a Power Ranger, and my condolences go out to his family. You can finally rest in love, Tommy Oliver. Thank you for bringing Tommy Oliver into so many people's lives and for helping to shape the Power Rangers into what they are today. You can finally rest in love, JDF. Please thank you for giving Tommy on my life.


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When I had the opportunity to speak with him at a few conventions, he was always very kind, appreciative, and respectful to everyone who came after him. The genuine article. I can't stand how sad I am. May you find comfort in knowing that you gave so many of us hope. He was and always will be the most famous of the Power Rangers. Go, Green Ranger, and rest in peace, Jason David Frank. He was my favorite Power Ranger from the beginning, and he had a significant influence on my childhood. Go, green ranger. It's difficult to say goodbye to a hero you haven't had the opportunity to get to know. He'll be remembered as the Power Ranger with the most fame and abilities.


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I had the pleasure of meeting Jason. We didn't spend much time together, but we knew each other and saw each other occasionally. I had no idea he was having so much trouble. I spent the majority of Sunday refusing to believe what was going on. It's difficult for me to believe that this man is no longer alive. He was the most popular among his peers. My life improved dramatically as a result of his efforts. Everything I enjoy doing and everything I enjoy doing is directly related to how well he performed in mmpr. People will miss him, but the work he accomplished will live on in perpetuity.


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It's a terrible thing. Despite the fact that I didn't think he was the best Might Morphin Power Ranger cast member. After all that time, he was still one of my favorites. And is almost certainly the greatest Sixth Ranger of all time. Jason's death was a devastating blow that broke and crushed people. But it's important to remember that legends are unstoppable. And Jason David Frank is unquestionably a legend. He is remembered not only by the Power Rangers, but also by his four children. They are the ones who keep his memory alive, and it is critical that we provide them with the assistance they require while also respecting their right to privacy.
Life is really short. I was expecting him to make an appearance in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot and its not going to happen anymore,


I have sensed and noticed that the life cycle of all entertainers has shortened because of many factors like spending more time in the gym and on surgeries. I will certainly miss him.

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