Pop Geeks Interviews Valerie Perrine And Stacey Souther

Jan 7, 2014
I was an early crowdfunder for the documentary Valerie, a film about Oscar-nominated actress Valerie Perrine that was directed by her good friend, Stacey Souther. The film is a touching piece about Valerie’s journey from Vegas showgirl to acclaimed actress, as well as her current health issues. I recently reached out to Mr. Souther about the possibility of having him and Valerie answer some questions about the documentary, and through e-mail, the both of them did. Before you purchase Valerie, here are some stories from both Mr. Souther and Ms. Perrine about what went into the documentary, as well as memorable stories from the both of them.

We start off with my questions for Stacey.
Johnny: How did you decide that Valerie’s story could be a documentary?
Stacey: Valerie has lead the most fascinating life. It reads like a novel. She was raised in Japan after WWII, She was a showgirl in Vegas during it’s golden era and a movie star in 1970’s Hollywood during the last decade of...

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New Member
Apr 28, 2022
Aging really scares me because it's the ultimate equalizer. Even a beautiful and successful actress like Valerie have to face health issues because of aging. My Uncle who was a strong military man just died of stroke today and I was shocked because he was a health and athletic guy. He had no health issues and suddenly he is gone.

Valerie is Brave to document her health issues in a documentary.
What does the Fox say?
Staff member
Feb 15, 2022
I like that Ms. Stacey said: “I didn’t want her to be forgotten.” What a beautiful thing to do for a dear friend. As for Ms. Perrine? She has lived a life that should be documented.