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In 2017, I had the great pleasure of interviewing the versatile Debra Lamb about her career from the 80s to now. Our first interview concentrated more on films early in her career. Debra has done so much work throughout the years that, in this second interview, I wanted to focus on her more recent works. We spoke recently about the many fascinating directions her career has taken over the course of the past few years.
Debra Lamb at a movie premiere, photographed by Bob Delgadillo
Say hello again to Debra Lamb!
Debra: Hi, Johnny!
Johnny: Hi, Debra. It’s so good to be interviewing you again. You’ve had a lot going on recently, and I look forward to recapping it.
Debra: Yes. How are you this morning?
Johnny: Afternoon here in New York, actually. I’m doing good. I do have my questions ready to go...
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