[Video Game] Pokemon X and Y: Friend Codes in the OP


Hiya gents, mind adding me into the mix? Don't have a plethora of friends on this thing and would appreciate it. (Y Version)

Code: 0748-3094-2758
Safari: Garbodor, Drapion, Cascoon (Poison Type)


They finally reveal the 719th Pokémon, Diancie which will be in the upcoming movie in CoroCoro magazine. Guess they are gonna reveal the other two new legendaries and Lati@s's mega form in the next films in 2015 and 2016.


A new event has been announced. Making its first appearance worldwide, the special PokéBall Pattern Vivillon is to be given at the Pokémon Center in Paris from June 4th to June 21st. This Vivillon is Level 12 and comes with the moves Stun Spore, Gust, Light Screen and Struggle Bug. It is unknown if this event will make it out of France.


It has been revealed that the next special form of Vivillon has been announced. This form, the Fancy Pattern, is to be distributed when over 100 million Pokémon have been traded on the GTS and is to tie in with the fact that Vivillon is the most traded Pokémon. The number is currently sitting at 85 million so only has 15 million to go. It is said that the distribution will be worldwide. The actual means of distribution has yet to be confirmed.
For those interested, a Wi-Fi event in the US giving away Heracross and Pinsir to the versions opposite of those where they are exclusive is coming up - afterwards, you can go to Gamestop to get their Mega Stones.

Why they didn't just let the Wi-Fi ones hold the stones is beyond me, but there you go.


I think the reason why they separate the Pokemon and the Mega Stone, is to make both sides happy - the players side that wants more wi-fi events, and the Gamestop side that needs more people visiting the shop.

The event is kinda pointless, though.

It's like the Electabuzz/Magmar one all over again - aside from event collection purpose, why do I have to bother downloading one if I can just breed a 5IV one easily? Not to mention by breeding I can get Quick Attack into Pinsir.
And breeding also gives a chance for the offspring to be shiny.

Meanwhile, Japan is currently having a Shiny Jirachi event AND a Surf Pikachu event.....

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