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Can you match them all? Find out next week when Nintendo Switch Online adds Pokemon Puzzle League to its N64 section.
This particular Match-3 game has been around for quite a while, but has had a strange and convoluted release history. The name of it is supposed to be “Panel de Pon.” That’s what it was called in Japan when it first saw release in 1995, but when the decision was made to bring it Westside, execs felt the cutesy fairies wouldn’t match the Raw 90s Play It Loud sensibility very well. The game was given a marketing makeover, tying its visuals to the then-new Yoshi’s Island game and its name to the Tetris brand.
“Tetris Attack” showed up in America in 1996. The game had nothing to do with Tetris beyond both of them being in the puzzle genre. And when Nintendo lost exclusive console rights to Tetris a few years later, the game needed ANOTHER makeover to sell it on the N64. Well, Pokemon was brand-new and white-hot, so Panel de Pon was once again rebranded to tie into the...

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I had a great time playing this game with pals back in the day; it's lot more enjoyable than the trailer suggests. This was awesome. when the N64 Online was introduced, that was one of the first things I hoped for! I'm really excited!


I have vivid memories of playing this game with my cousin for HOURS on the weekends. She showed me how to play this game like a pro because she was absolutely great at it. I can now play it with her online once more!