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Remember that a lot of people here are using monitors with the basic 1024x768 screen resolution, and as such posting really large pics will stretch their screens and be an annoyance (to say the least). If you have a really big pic (like, say, a wallpaper or just anything larger than 1000 pixels wide or 1000 pixels tall), then please do the considerate thing and post them as CLICKABLE THUMBNAILS.

FYI, for anyone unfamiliar with the actual term, a CLICKABLE THUMBNAIL (aka simply as a "thumbnail") is when you post a smaller version of the actual pic that will link you to a FULL-SIZED version when you click your mouse pointer over it. It's main purpose is to keep forum posts nice and streamlined and to lessen the strain put on the comps of people with smaller screen resolutions and/or slower internet connections.

If you're hosting the pic on a free pic server like ImageShack, it will automatically give you a bunch of codes when you upload a pic. Just copy/paste the code for "Thumbnails" or "Clickable thumbnails for a Forum/Message board" (it will say one or the other). You want the codes that use the square (i.e [ ]) brackets, NOT the greater than/less than (i.e. the < >) brackets.

If you're hosting the pic on a PhotoBucket account, it's also pretty simple.

On your Photobucket page, you'll see the pics you are hosting. If they are bigger than a certain size, you'll be given thumbnailed versions. Below the picture itself, you'll see it's filename (circled in green) as well as a little checkbox (indicated with a red arrow).

Check the box of the pic(s) you want to post. Then scroll down to the bottom of the PhotoBucket page. You'll notice some buttons in blue. Click on the one that says "Generate HTML and IMG code"

You'll then get a new screen with a bunch of small windows full of codes. Look for the codes from the window that says "IMG Clickable Thumbnails". It will usually be in the middle window, but make sure that you read them to be sure.
Remember, you want the codes that have BOTH IMG and URL tags in them.

Copy and paste the codes, and voila, you've got clickable thumbnails. :thumbs:
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Yes please. However, if you use thumbnails, then there's no real need for the HIDE tags unless the pics are potential spoilers or NSFW.

EDIT: Forgot that some people host pics directly on their SMS sites. If you're doing that and they don't tell you how to do thumbnails, just create a PhotoBucket account for yourself and re-host there or use the HIDE tags.
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JFC I recently posted a picture at the LolToku Justice Thread, and I have made it into a "message board" configuration through Imageshack. You can take a look at my post here:

Is it still too big?

You did NOT use Imageshack for that pic in that post. Your link does not work. It leads to a "403 Error" message. No one else here can see the pic. If you can still see the pic on your computer, it is only because a copy of it was saved onto the cache folder of your browser, and therefore it is loading the pic from your cache instead of from the website from which you hotlinked the pic.

If you want to share that pic and make it so that everyone else here can see it, then find it again, and this time, save a copy to your computer's desktop and PROPERLY upload it to ImageShack or PhotoBucket, remembering to use thumbnails.


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I got trouble with posting the clickable thumbnails on my art thread in here.

I have followed you instruction to make the clickable thumbnails with PhotoBucket, but I got the mess thing instead of the clickable thumbnails.

I am frustrated. :170:


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In a situation like that, just post direct URL links to the pics without using the IMG tags. People here will still be able to just click on the links you post and see the pics that way.

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