Playstation 4


Shaken Not Stirred!!
I can't wait to get my hands on the PS4.. I absolutely love the PS3 and couldn't se how they would make anything better but apparently they havE. Anybody else loking forward to it?


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I am, but I'll probably wait until the first price drop. Even though, they won a lot of points in positioning the PS4 directly against the Xbox One, it's still a lot of money.

I'm fascinated to see how the next gen of systems is going to play out and who'll end up being on top. It was interesting to see Microsoft about face on some of their console's features and constraints.


I can't wait for the Playstation 4 to come out, the next generation is so close. Look forward to all the new features.


I am definitely looking forward to the PlayStation 4. I am not going to buy it when it comes out, but I am planning on buying it eventually. There are high expectations for the console, and I do not think Sony is going to disappoint us.
I am. Seeing as how they were able to create such graphical powerhouses as The Last of Us, and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls and Watch Dogs on the PS3, I can't even imagine what they'll be able to do with the PS4 several years from now. Plus, I am looking forward to Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian (whenever that gets completed), Beyond Good & Evil 2 (ditto as The Last Guardian), The Order 1886, and many more. I'm also eager to see what indie games get created on the PS4. Journey was such a wonderful experience on the PS3, I can't wait for thatgamecompany to release their next title.

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