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So, I'm only slightly very unusually excedingly peculliarlly and all together quite strangely in love ... with Pitch Perfect. You thought I was going to say Wicked, didn't you. My family isn't big into the musicals like I am, except for the younger girls (10 and 13). But last Thanksgiving, I tought the girls the final dance number from the movie and we performed after dinner. The babies joined in, some of the adults were dancing in the kitchen, and now my whole family loves it. We watch it all the time and sing a long.

I can't wait for the new movie to come out. Its going to have The Pentatonix, The Philarmonics (maybe Philharmonics, I'm not sure how its spelled), and Katy Segal (so much love, did you see Sons of Anarchy?). I don't think I could be spazzing any harder than I am right now. I've been waiting, not so patiently, for the soundtrack to come out. It probably won't come out till April or May. No matter, I will wait just the same; I have no choice.

Are there anymore Pitch Perfect Fans out there. If so, what are you looking forward to most out of the new movie. Also, what songs are you hoping to hear? I'm hoping they throw a wicked song in there? Rebel did several on her show last fall and they were truly spectacular.
Meee!!!! I was smiling like an idiot while watching the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer. I'm not as obsessed as my best friend but I did quite like it. I had no idea the Pentatonix are going to be in the movie. This is awesome! And about the songs i'm hoping to hear, probably a little bit of the classics and some new popular ones or any cheesy songs. Love singing along those. Oh and if they could include more rap that'd be great. :D


I don't really know why this movie was made in the first place. I know a lot of people liked the first movie, and it's suppose to be different from all the other movies that follow a similar formula, but I just don't see it's appeal. i'm sure this movie will do will in the theaters, movies like these have a really big demographic.