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Pirate Squadron Gokaiger: Legendary Legacy

Assassins Creed 4 made me wanna give this another shot

Earth, the home of humanity, a world that despite it's dull appearance has seen it's share of excitement through the last three decades. For over thirty four years strange forces sometimes super natural, sometimes man made, sometimes otherworldly in nature and with every one of them that has appeared, a group of individuals would rise up to face them. Despite small numbers, often groups of five maybe six and seven if they were lucky, they would always drive those threats back. These were the teams known as the Super Sentai, they made up for their low numbers with their own weapons, abilities and even giant robots of varying kinds. Their origins just as different and unique as their myriad enemies. Even when their battles were over and their enemies defeated they often still remained with their powers intact, sometimes continuing to watch over earth and occasionally aiding a new generation in a time of need. It seemed as if they would always be there for the span of their natural, and in some cases unnaturally long, lives coming and going as they were needed.

That was until they arrived.

The Galactic Empire of Zangyack, a gradually expanding spacefaring empire that has sought to bring more and more worlds under it's control. It was only a matter of time before their massive armada made it's way to earth. Expecting an easy challenge they descended and launched their assault, only to find itself faced with an army the likes of which they had never seen before. Thirty four years worth of sentai heroes gathered together from the grizzled aged veterans in the fight for justice to the newest and youngest heroes they had banded together to repel the invading army, and much to the surprise of the Zangyack they succeeded. It was a great victory but it had not come without a cost. For the first time the members of the old sentai teams all found themselves completely powerless, little more than the ordinary people they had once protected.

With little choice the former heroes of the world have been forced to retire from the hero business. Meanwhile across the galaxy the Zangyack have dispatched another armada to mount a second assault on earth. This time there will be now mass heroic battle with generations of warriors from earth. Now there will be nothing to face the Zangyack, nothing from earth at least. Unknown to the world and unknown to the Zangyack another group has set it's sights on earth. A group of five individuals, space pirates that have banded together for varying reasons. They seek adventure and treasure throughout the vast expanse in space, and are at the top of the Zangyack's most wanted list. They just may be earth's last hope, wether they or earth like it or not.

1. no godmoding our powerplaying (In some cases involving villains it is allowed but still ask before doing so)

2. if you wont be able to post for a while have someone (other than me) cover for you

3. Try to post regularly, but dont double post

4. pay attention to posts

6. Try not to leave people behind and dont rush the plot

7. Relationships are allowed but dont make the whole rp about it. And if you play multiple characters they cannot be in a romantic relationship because that is just plain annoying.

8. If playing as an alien character explain what makes the species different from humans. If they are no different than just use a human.

8. Have fun and dont be afraid to ask me questions about things in the rpg

Transformation Cellphone Mobirates :The Mobirates are the Gokaigers' transformation device. The Gokaigers can transform by inserting a Ranger Key with the activation call of "Gokai Change"

Gokai Sabre : The Gokai Sabre is the Gokaigers' primary sword sidearm, resembling a cutlass with a built-in grappling hook. It is able to utilize the Ranger Keys to activate a Final Wave attack after a Ranger Key is set into the hilt.

Gokai Gun : The Gokai Gun is the Gokaigers' primary firearm sidearm, resembling a flintlock pistol. It is able to utilize the Ranger Keys to activate the Gokai Blast Final Wave attack.

Ranger Keys: Figures which fold into a key form which allow the Gokaigers to transform when inserted into the Mobirates


Gokai Galleon : Gokai Red's three-masted galleon-like spacecraft that the Gokaigers use as their base of operations as they search for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. It is equipped with the Galleon Cannons and several beam cannons on its wings. It holds the four other Gokai Machines in a fashion similar to a Matryoshka doll, with Gokai Trailer as the second largest mecha, the third being Gokai Marine, fourth is Gokai Racer and Gokai Jet being the fifth. As part of Gokaioh, the Gokai Galleon forms the robot's head and torso.

Gokai Jet: Gokai Blue's jet-like mecha that forms the helmet and the right arm of Gokaioh. It is armed with a series of beam and vulcan cannons as well as a powerful energy cannon.

Gokai Trailer : Gokai Yellow's semi-trailer truck-like mecha that stores Gokai Marine. Forms the left leg of Gokaioh. Its offensive abilities lie in its strong ramming power.

Gokai Racer : Gokai Green's race car-like mecha that stores Gokai Jet. Forms the left arm of Gokaioh. It is armed with a beam cannon and an energy cannon.

Gokai Marine: Gokai Pink's submarine-like mecha that stores Gokai Racer. Forms the right leg of Gokaioh. It is armed with a beam cannon, tracking torpedoes, and homing mines.

Pirate Combination Gokaioh: A giant robot formed from the Gokai Galleon and the Gokai Machines.

Space Empire Zangyack:
Commandant Niall Eremon: NPC/Available
Current leader of the invasion force being a relative of the Emperor he mostly got ahead through the use of his family connections. Tends to blame his failures on suboordinates and erases the records of those failures whenever possible. Nevertheless he is not to e underestimated.

Chief of staff Schneizer:NPC/available
Sent by the Emperor in order to aid Niall in the Earth invasion, unlike his superior he is a far more competant strategist.

Development Technical Officer Celina: NPC/avilable
Zangyack's mad scientist, supplying the Action Commanders with powerful weapons and modifications. Using a special gun-shaped controller, she can fire the Gigant Horse's enlargement cannons to resurrect defeated Action Commanders and make them grow giant.

Special Duty Officer Saviero: NPC/available
a cyborg whose whole body is mechanized and completely loyal to Niall Eremon. He has an eerie presence, a systematic sense, and his identity is something of a mystery

Gormin: NPC/All

Sugormin: NPC/All
Higher ranked grunts

Action Commanders: NPC/all
The main enforcers of the Zangyack army

Navi: NPC/All
A robotic bird that assists the team
More to come whenever

The Team:
GokaiRed: Captain Tiberius/played by me
GokaiBlue: available
GokaiGreen: available
GokaiYellow: available
GokaiPink: available
GokaiSilver: PM me first

My Bio:

Name: Captain Tiberius (Real name unknown)

Age: 25

Designation: Gokaired

Postion on GokaiGalleon: Captain


Weapons/Gear: Transformation Cellphone Mobirates,Gokai Gun, Gokai Saber

Mecha: GokaiGalleon

Bio: He is a man with no past, at least that is what he tells everyone, and is rather tight-lipped about any details regarding it. A fact that is not all that far from the truth either, there doesn't seem to be any records of his past anywhere with the only persisting proof of his existence being the wanted posters scattered all over by the Zangyack and the massive bounty placed on his head by them. Tiberius has thoroughly embraced this, believing it gives him an added sense of mystery and intrigue since the only one that truly knows him is himself, and having grown accustomed to it he aims to keep that particular image. What is known about him is mostly what can be learned from the declarations he often makes about himself and his goals,, which he will often make specifically when there is someone around that can hear him. After all there isn't a point in being awesome if no one is around to see it. He is the man that will claim the greatest treasure of the universe, a fact most often declared by him quickly followed by a declaration that those worthy better step up and join him on the adventure or else risk missing out on the greatest opportunity that they could ever hope for. Other than that those in his crew are aware that he was in possession of the ranger keys, the Gokai Machines and the Mobirates before he had even met them and tends to tell a different story every time someone asks about it, with only one of them being the real one.

Of all the words one may find in an intergalactic dictionary there is one that describes Tiberius better than all others, and that word is theatrical. It isnt enough for him to simply do something, he must do it in the most dramatic and awesome way possible as he will often say that is the most pirate like way to do things. In combat he doesn't just fight his enemies and bring them down, he has to utterly decimate them, making them look silly and making him look that much better with each defeat he hands to them. Thankfully though he doesn't shout every word he says, even he has a few limits here and there he probably would have been captured by now if he didn't know when to act like a normal person. It is when he is quiet that he tends to be at his scariest, that is when he is more serious, and more deadly. In combat he displays equal proficiency with both the Gokai Saber and Gokai Gun preferring to use the both of them rather than swapping with his teammates to dual wield two of the same weapon and is no slouch in hand to hand combat either.

Recently he has got a new lead in his unending quest for the universe's greatest treasure, an insignificant little blue planet known as earth, a place that he probably wouldn't have even taken notice if it weren't for the rumor. Whether or not that lead was worth the breath needed to say it or not he cant say for sure, but he has every intention of checking it out. Unknown to the team his quest for this treasure runs deeper than a simple whim, in truth it is something of a personal mission given to him in the form of a last request by someone who had helped him out. Overall he is ambitious and driven and will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals.


Princess of Equesteria
Name: Willow Lockheart (True name unknown)

Age: 24

Designation: Gokaipink

Position on GokaiGalleon: Map Charter



Weapons/Gear: Transformation Cellphone Mobirate, Gokai Sabre, Gokai Gun, Ranger Keys

Mecha: Gokai Marine

Bio: A woman known only by that of her alias wanted name, Willow Lockheart to be that of a wild and free-spirited vixen. Many have tempted to learn of the mysterious voluptuous young woman’s past and true name failed miserably, which Willow has made quite the nest egg by turning it into a game of profit. The rules of the game are very quiet simple, a person is granted to ask that of only two questions which she would respond either with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ statement. The wager goes to the victor of the game both players must place something of great value (money or treasure). If by reaching the second question is (which always is) unable to break past through the outer shell must relinquished over all money or treasure wagered at the beginning of the game. And should that player actually (which is never) can guess correctly of Willow’s past and truer name is rewarded the nest egg accumulated from her victories. To this present day no man or woman has drawn even remotely close.

Having made quite the reputation across the galaxy Willow finds discontentment staying in one place for very long. Tagging with a small group sought out adventures and unseen across the vast sea of space amongst her many travels. Joining up with them learned that much of the Zangyack’s Empire campaign had been mainly funded by those whose planets were conquered by the Empire. Appalled Willow motioned their targets of choice to be anyone associating with the Zangyack Empire. Any who aid betraying their own planet and people were not entitled to possess such wealth. Keeping only but a fraction from their heists Willow made certain to equally divide the rest amongst everyone fairly. This was to keep the peace, but also build up more anticipation and excitement toward what treasures awaited for them in the horizon. What Willow had not realized that the Zangyack’s Empire network held no boundaries betrayed by one she felt close to having a family in such a time. Like a trap animal being delivered to the slaughter house Willow had almost given up hope and accept the hand fate dealt. Fate on the other hand appeared to have other plans for her instead in form of an encounter with the GokaiGalleon crossing the prison ship path. Unknown to the voluptuous vixen that it was high on the Zangyack Empire wanted list found it her means for freedom. In amidst of the battlefield the ship’s barracks were torn asunder, which Willow found her escape. Relieving a fallen guard of his weapon Willow ran towards the GokaiGalleon Captain. Feeling in debt towards the unintentional rescue made a vow to stand beside them.
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The Wind Of Justice
Name: Alexander William

Age: 25

Designation: Gokaiyellow

Postion on GokaiGalleon: Cook


Weapons/Gear: Transformation Cellphone Mobirates,Gokai Gun, Gokai Saber

Mecha: Gokai Trailer

Bio: Alexander coming from a high class family, life was great and easy for him. His parents both have high positions in their work place, his father owns a oil company. While his mother owns a clothing company, known for their unique sense of fashion. Alexander the oldest child of the family, is expected to have a successful future, however his two younger siblings envy him. Alexander love his parents and younger siblings, because they are a family. His parents hires the best tutors they can find. To teach him the skills he need to have a great future. However like most things must come to a end. Which is quite true as his, way of life is about come to a end.

After a few years his two younger siblings, have been planing to kill him by hiring mercenaries. One of the family's butler overhear their plan, the butler runs in a hurry to warn Alexander. He was in shock after being, told that his siblings are planing to kill him. He plans on leaving before the mercenaries are on to him. Packing what he need, to survive on the streets. As Alexander about to get ready to leave, the mercenaries come knocking on his door. The mercenaries decides to kick down the door to Alexander's room. Seeing that he got no choice but, to jump through the window.

Somehow he manage to survive, the fall from his room to the ground. Alexander got up on his feet knows that, he need to find a place to hide for a while. The GokaiGalleon was in the sky at that moment. The Captain ask him to be his first crew, member he accepts his offer. After a few weeks of living on the GokaiGalleon, Alexander has gotten use to the lifestyle. He is a serious person who will not fool around. Always reminding the others to be careful. Knowing how much they tend to not take things seriously. He will do anything in, his power to protect the others. The reason why he fights the Zangyack Empire, is because Captain Tiberius save his life.
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(I'd like to challenge for Blue too)

Name: Duncan LeGrand

Age: 23

Designation: GokaiBlue

Position on GokaiGalleon: First Mate


Weapons/Gear: Transformation Cellphone Mobirates,Gokai Pistol, Gokai Saber

Mecha: GokaiJet

Bio: Before he met Captain Tiberius, Duncan LeGrand was a man out for himself. A cool, somewhat cocky man, Duncan traveled the galaxies on his own, hunting down whomever he wanted for the sake of money, as well as testing his skills with the two-sword style. It did not matter to Duncan Who his target was, whether the person was simply billionaire or some crook with a huge bounty. To Duncan, that person was nothing more than fresh meat, cash cow, or any and all adjectives that describe the target being of use to the two-sword wielding Vagabond. It is also to be noted that with incredible wealth comes the incredible urge to splurge some of that wealth through gambling, and gambling was the one thing besides kicking butt that Duncan excelled in. Whenever he had the chance to, Duncan would bet at least half of his loot with anyone interested in trying their luck against him, usually ending with him winning triple of what he had bet in the first place. Duncan was especially good at Card games -- a fact that led him to meet Captain Tiberius in the first place.

Meeting the flamboyant Captain in what seemed to be a smoky bar, Duncan, at first, thought little of Tiberius. With a cocky smirk, the vagabond challenged Tiberius to a game of cards, proceeding to go about with his usual business of betting at least half of the loot he had -- though this time, feeling overly confident about his chances, Duncan decided to bet all of the loot in his possession. It was a bad move on Duncan's part, as he ended up losing everything within just one round of cards. He was about to leave and hitch a ride to another place when he noticed a small stack of cards fall out of Tiberius's sleeve. Naturally, this angered Duncan, prompting him to chase after Tiberius. Before he could go about with calling out Tiberius for cheating, however, it was then that Tiberius told him, in flamboyant fashion, about something known as "The Universe's Greatest Treasure". Though still somewhat miffed with how Tiberius cheated him out of his loot, Duncan was also rather intrigued by the Universe's Greatest Treasure. This prompted him to join Tiberius in his quest.

Since then, Duncan, like Tiberius, has earned his own Wanted Poster, with the price on his head set at 7 Million. While his preferred Fighting style tended to be two swords in hand, Duncan has also shown proficiency with using a Pistol in one hand, while swinging a sword with the other. It is to be noted that outwardly, he has a devil-may-care attitude towards the Zangyack's invasion of Earth, and that he only fights because he takes pleasure in further testing his skill. However, deep down, he does seem to care about the Earth and the people in it, as it could be said that his home planet was one of those subjugated by the Zangyack empire.


Due to better development quality im gonna go with Gatack, yes im still gonna call him Gatack


Yeah but then id need female green to balance it out so im gonna have to think about it


Yeah decided that your male Gokai yellow will get approved if we get a female Gokai Green and not a second sooner


I'd be down to be Gokai Silver if there is room. Or are you guys still looking for a Gokai Green? :castlerock:

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I've only recently registered, but I've been lurking for awhile. I realize most of the posts in this thread are pretty old, but if you're still looking for a female Green, I wouldn't mind trying my hand at a profile.

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I may have gone a bit overboard with the bio - let me know if it needs to be redone.

Name: Mackenzie Grey

Age: 19 (She thinks)

Designation: GokaiGreen

Crew position: Shipwright/Medic


Weapons/Gear: Transformation Cellphone Mobirates,Gokai Pistol, Gokai Saber

Mecha: Gokai Racer


Mackenzie Grey is a lost soul. Her earliest memories go back a mere three years. She awoke to raindrops on her face, curled up in the back alleys of a gloomy city on a backwater planet. Looking around for familiar sights or faces, she found none. The back door of the nearest building opened, and she felt relief at the arrival of other human beings, but that relief was short lived at their words on seeing her.

"Get her!"

She ran for her life.

Disappearing into the city, She began the struggle to survive. Over the next three years, she scraped out a living, honestly where possible, dishonestly where not. She learned to steal, from pockets and homes and to fight, and to run. Unable to know who to trust, she kept to herself, away from the gangs. To alleviate the boredom of long days alone, or mostly so, she began fiddling with broken things, and discovered a knack for making broken things work.

One day, while out searching for things to fix (Or failing that, pockets to pick) Mackenzie was drawn to a commotion in the street. A handsome, flamboyant man in red was fighting with four men, all of whom wore the same uniforms as the men who had been after her that day. He was beating them handily, and even jeered them as he did. They couldn't seem to lay a finger on him. She smiled at that, the first in a long while. But that was when she spotted the fifth man sneaking up behind him, and shouted a warning to the man in red. He dodged the sneak attack fluidly, and their eyes met through the crowd of people before the uniformed men recognized her.

The nearest one tried to grab her, but this time, she was ready. Driving the heel of her foot onto his, she elbowed him in the solar plexus, and when he doubled over, she punched him viciously in the throat, and kicked the back of his head for good measure, and vanished into the crowd before the man even hit the ground.

When she finally dared return home, well after nightfall, somehow, the man in red was waiting. She immediately braced to run, but what he had to say stopped her in her tracks. He complimented her potential, and seemed even more impressed with her mechanical skills. He spoke of adventure, treasure and excitement. She could leave fixing up abandoned buildings behind...all she had to do was take his hand.

She hesitated. She didn't know if she could trust him. What if he could gain treasure by handing her over to those men? On the other hand...he'd fought them, and won. And for some reason, despite the showy manner, and aggressive fighting, she didn't feel frightened to look into his eyes.

She took his hand.
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I am still here and ready to join in when you do make this happen.

I'm curious - Does Alexander William Use a Leg-Based Fighting Style, like Sanji, or Kamen Rider Wizard to protect his hands for cooking? Or is his focus on the GokaiSaber, with Kitchen Knife techniques?


The Wind Of Justice
I'm curious - Does Alexander William Use a Leg-Based Fighting Style, like Sanji, or Kamen Rider Wizard to protect his hands for cooking? Or is his focus on the GokaiSaber, with Kitchen Knife techniques?
His fighting style is Kick boxing with the use of the GokaiSaber.

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