Piracy of entertainment was once prohibited in Russia. The Russian Government dislikes the West, but the locals adore its popular culture. Russian citizens do not have access to Hollywood television, films, or video games made in other countries. Notably, American content is primarily popular around the world. It is not the residents’ responsibility. Unfortunately, the invasion of Ukraine caused firms to terminate connections with the country. Sony, for example, will not be releasing any films in Russia. Because of Putin’s activities, Microsoft postponed the release of their most recent AAA title games.
Netflix had suspended their Services to Russia, making the subscribers unable to get new content. WWE Network also pulled their services to the dismay of Russian Wrestling fans. The Russian Government announced that local companies don’t need to pay for rights of the content from the countries that...

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I just hope people will not blame the Russian citizens. Ordinary people have no control over what their government does. I hope Ukraine gets all the help it needs to keep its freedom. I realized Russians can now watch movies banned in Russia since they can now pirate them.
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Here's some breaking news: Pirates have been pirating since the dawn of time, regardless of whether countries have legalized it or not.
Many governments worldwide have attempted to combat piracy, yet it has only grown in popularity. Also, the majority of game repack upload groups are already from Russia! On the Other hand, It's all fun and games until pirated games use anti-piracy software to glitch your game or remove a key feature.


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The only difference now is that it's legal. So all who were engaged in movie (and video games) piracy won't have to worry about getting into trouble with the law anymore. For others I guess it means there's still an option of accessing outside entertainment.


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Once prohibited? Now piracy of Western content is legal in Russia? Uh huh. Well what else could Putin do? He has to “legally” allow it. He not like he can stop it and for sure, he's not going to arrest anybody for doing it. Why expend time and effort hunting down pirates of music, movies, and video games, when you need soldiers to blow up Ukraine!