Pickups and Cancellations for the 2010-2011 Television Season

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The upfronts aren't for a few more days, but news has already leaked out about which shows are going to get axed, and which aren't.

Over at ABC, they're canceling Scrubs, Better Off Ted, Romantically Challenged, and FlashForward.


NBC is renewing Chuck for 13 episodes, and is more than likely canceling Law and Order and Heroes, but if they can Heroes, they plan to do a TV movie to tie up the loose ends.


And FOX is canceling The Wanda Sykes Show.


I'm mad (but not surprised) that Scrubs and Better Off Ted were canned. They were great, but both ratings disasters. I've never even heard of Romantically Challenged, though.

FlashForward getting canned is the biggest shock, though. I kind of lost interest early on, but FlashForward was supposed to be the next Lost.


Damn! That bites I've really been enjoying flashforward! I guess I shouldn't be surprised those fucker nuts canceled it!


Glad Heroes is finally gone... Flashforward, not surprised, it wasn't very good and ratings reflected that... Thought they'd cancel V too though.


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I enjoyed Better Off Ted. It was quite possibly one of the most hilarious things on TV.

I'm glad they are doing another season of V. there has been so much add up lately that this show deserves another season for how epic it may be.


They renewed chuck for 13 episodes this season and it got more. I also read that Chuck is #1 on Mondays. I hope this means next season will get more episodes.


A pity, it was one of the only shows that could succesfully reinvent itself without it's more memorable leads
So glad that Heroes finally gone. It went downhill after season one. I mean, in season two, of course.

But I'll be more than happy to pick it up for DVD.


I'm not surprised that Heroes got cancelled, it lost it's luster after the 1st season. And it didn't help that the writers strike doomed the 2nd season and from then on, it was nothing but crap.

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So glad that Heroes finally gone. It went downhill after season one. I mean, in season two, of course.

Should I still even bother checking it out through rentals? I've never watched one whole episode of that show.

The Simpsons is definitely coming back. I swear, there's no stopping that show. I'm sure all three CSIs and Ghost Whisperer will be returning, but I wonder just how many more years those could possibly last. Especially the latter.

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CBS reveals their schedule tomorrow, but they've already given a list of the shows to which they've given the boot. Those shows would be "The New Adventures of Old Christine", "Gary Unmarried", "Cold Case", "Miami Medical", "Accidentally on Purpose", "Numb3rs", and "GHOST WHISPERER".

I hope like hell the upcoming Ghost Whisperer season finale won't end on a cliffhanger. I'm sure there will be a conclusion to the whole Shadows thing, but I just don't want something tacked on to the tail end of the episode that would leave us thirsting for more. That happened in the third season finale, I believe, and that was actually the episode that kept me watching on a regular basis.

The Friday night shows on Fox and NBC don't interest me, and I doubt the CW's Friday line-up will either. (They may have Smallville, but I'd have to rent DVDs to catch up.) So I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if CBS might have a treat for me for Friday nights come fall. Actually there's a rumor that one of the CSIs might be moved to Friday nights. I didn't know this before, but CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was originally a Friday night show during the first half of its first season.

"Ghost Whisperer" and "The New Adventures of Old Christine" are CBS shows co-owned by ABC. So perhaps they could get picked up by ABC and show them on their station sometime. Though I won't be so bummed if Ghost Whisperer doesn't get salvaged, as long as its season finale could somewhat pass for a series finale.


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I used to like Heroes, but then after season 2, it has been really lame and stupid. I'm glad it has been canceled. Really....