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Sega announced today that they’ve added some new content to their long-running MMORPG Plantasy Star Online 2. Starting this week, anyone who logs into PSO2 will receive a Gold Bonus Key each day through January 20. Those who log in enough times within that period will get a Rainbow Bonus Key, an IDOLA poster and other items.
What’s the Rainbow Key for? It grants access to a quest with massive rewards (experience points and Meseta, mostly), but only for a limited time, so be sure to use it if you get it. It’s impossible to get a Rainbow Key outside of special events or campaigns like this.
Next week PSO2 will host other events including the Zero Meseta Cost Enhancement Campaign, the Quest Trigger Distribution Campaign (subtitled “Where the Chocolate Went”), and the Death, Destroyer of Worlds Completion Campaign. Completing any of these will earn you materials like IDOLA-themed backgrounds, stickers, and a weapon camo through February 9.
Sega has also launched an official PSO2...
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