Peter Pan and Wendy, Made some changes that might be controversial


The comment section in many trailers in Youtube Got invaded by trolls flooding the Morbius memes. I hope the parents of the kid actors will keep them away from social media because they will be attacked by these immature anti-woes. These kid don't deserve getting hate.


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Don't care about the haters because I am excited to see the upcoming release of "Peter Pan and Wendy" on Disney+. It is refreshing to see more diversity and inclusion in movies, especially in classic stories like this one.I appreciate Disney's efforts to reimagine the story and make it more representative of our society today. It is important to have diverse representation in media and entertainment.


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Excited to see Jude Law's portrayal of Captain Hook in the movie. He is a talented actor who is sure to bring a unique perspective to the role.The backlash against the casting of Yara Shahidi is disappointing. It is important to remember that talent should be the only criteria for casting, not skin color.I am happy to see that Alyssa Wapanatâhk, an actual Native American actress, is playing the role of Tiger Lily. It is important to have accurate representation of different cultures in movies when it comes to minorities.


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This Woke trash is going to bomb so hard! No Wonder they put it in Disney Plus instead of theaters because it will flop so hard. If they want diversity, it should be new stories like Encanto, Spirit, Moana and Coco. Turning white characters into POC is as bad as whitewashing.


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Why did they include girls in the Lost Boys group? This seems to reduce Wendy's significance as she became a surrogate mother to them, being the only female in the Disney version. It's uncertain if this alteration has been made in the book version. Another question arises as to whether the scene where the mermaids attempted to kill Wendy due to their envy of her admiration for Peter will be omitted or not. Wokeness will kill Disney.


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Crossing my fingers this movie will be successful despite the backlash from some fans. It is important to support diversity and inclusion in media. These nasty men complaining about a children's movie have no life.


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Disney, Y'all, they totally missed the meaning of the story. It's all about honoring motherhood and the struggles of raising young boys on your own. In the tale, they suggest that there are no girls in the group because they're too clever to fall out of their prams and wander off. That's why they're known as the "lost boys." Peter brought Wendy along to provide the Lost Boys with a female role model and mother figure. If there were already girls among the Lost Boys, then Wendy wouldn't be needed anymore.


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Encanto was a fantastic demonstration of how diversity can be executed flawlessly. It didn't seem contrived and was extremely entertaining, showcasing the full spectrum of diversity within the Colombian region. In contrast, this "woke" Peter Pan is trying to incorporate diversity by altering character races and genders. Disney completely misses the essence of the Lost Boys from the original book. The original story pokes fun at the notion that girls aren't brought to Neverland because they're intelligent enough to avoid getting lost. Wendy's purpose in the tale is to display the intellect and maturity that comes with age, as well as to serve as a maternal figure for the Lost Boys. The Lost Boys symbolize the purity and innocence of childhood that refuses to mature, and Wendy acts as their guide to grow up and eventually leave Neverland with her.


So if native girl take white girl role, everything it is ok but if white girl take native girl role, than it is racist or something else? For me changes by Disney will just make even more bad words. Can't Disney find something new without previous versions?

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