Perfect Match, An Allstar reality dating show from Netflix Reality Cinematic Universe

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Skylar Kinsley

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<p>Perfect Match is the ultimate crossover of many Reality Television programs of Netflix. The best contestants of The Circle and Worst contestants of Love is Blind are all in for a chance of more clout love.</p>


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Looking for love my ass, These people obviously join so they can gain clout for Cameo, Instagram and Onlyfans, I can see right through them. Yeah I did notice Netflix Reality shows do not cast Asian men a lot. The Circle only have 2 Seasons with Asian men and both of them Are Shubham. The Same person. Too hot to handle always have a token Asian girl but always cast White,Latino and Black men only.

Melancholy Hill

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Casting only a single Asian girl, makes the stereotype that we Asian girls dont date Asian men worst. If you dont Asian men, then Why Asia is the most populated continent? Media always portray as to have white fetish and selfhate.
They cast the most likable and great people from The Circle and The Mole which are not dating shows but Competitive Social experiments. Then cast the worst and most hated contestants from Love is Blind,Too Hot to Handle and Ultimatum. I hope no woman is dumb enough to date Bartiste. He is a great-A ahole.


I hope this show wont ruin Joey Sasso for me. I like him in the circle but this one is a different environment and with the slutty people from Too Hot to Handle, this show might change my Opinion of him.


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Marvin from The Circle Season 5 would have loved it here but he made the mistake of going to Big Brother Nigeria,


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Yup it is high time Netflix done this. They have enough reality stars on their own to produce series like Bachelor in Paradise or the Challenge. I'm disappointed that "Is it cake" and "pressure cooker" aren't represented.


Netflix canceled wonderful shows like Inside Job,Warrior nun,Midnight Club and 1899 for another crappy reality shows were people will lick each other's tonsils on national tv. Priorities Netflix! priorities!


Love Me!
Once I become 21, I will be in one of these dating shows. I really want to find true love in front of the new world. Then we will start a family youtube channel and be this power couple. ♥️ 😍🥰😘


Okay, but aren't we already conscious of the fact that none of these couples will ever be successful? We can reasonably infer that Francesca and Georgia are both currently in committed relationships with other people due to the presence of other people in their respective social media accounts as well as the passage of time (this was shot over a year ago). This episode will have my attention since I can't wait to see Will from "The Mole" making out with another person.


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Because Shane is such a horrible boyfriend, Fiance in Love is Blind. People saw how awful he is to his partner. A lady would have to be blind to this living red flags as a dating option.

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