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People With Blue Eyes Share a Single Common Ancestor

New research shows that blue eyes in people originated between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago with one single common ancestor.

Originally, it was boring, brown-eyed-only world out there for early humans, said Professor Hans Eiberg from the University of Copenhagen Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Blue eyes started with a mutation that affected the OCA2 gene, the gene that controls the "P protein" that controls the melanin that give color to our eyes, hair and skin.

The mutation was...
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Well if you believe in the christian religion we all started out with Adam and eve so some inbreeding had to go on. Inbreeding did not use to be that bad of a thing royals did It all the time to keep the blood line pure. Its interesting either way to think all us blue eyed people have a common bond


So this makes us all distant cousins then! Actually, it is hardly surprising really, after all, we would all link back to the same two people (be they Adam and Eve or someone else). I suspect that royals still do it today : )