People say that Memes need to kick the bucket alongside 2016

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In a year where images at long last got to be distinctly greater than Jesus Christ, there are a modest bunch we trust don't return in 2017. We snickered. We cried. We shared these images. In any case, now it's the ideal opportunity for them to go. In entire reasonableness, all images are terrible. None turns into a web sensation since it's a very much created or unique. :O

what's you opinion?

Kaushik Angara

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Memes are being used only as a source of humour nowadays. There seems to be nothing unique about them, shamelessly merging a funny text onto an another person's image. Although they generate a good sense of humour, they can become disturbing and unattractive sometimes. Most of the comments on a Facebook post today are memes. People are answering back with images to convey their feelings.

In an age where communication holds a very high value, people should start sharing their opinions writing instead of using memes as rightly said by luisalex96. I would not want to get rid of them totally but yes we should keep a check on their usage.


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Memes are the most interesting thing about the internet in my opinion, and they have become a structural part of it. You can't go anywhere on the internet without finding a meme, however they aren't for everybody. Someone (like me) will find them funny while someone can find them obnoxious and annoying.


Memes is something I really never paid much attention to but browsing through the interenet it is inevitable to not stumble upon some. I don't mind them nor love them to me they are just there if I happen to see one I consider humorous I laugh about it. I don't think they should go away if people enjoy them.