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Which one do you prefer? I personally own both devices, but I prefer my good old PC. It's easier to write on it, it's easier to play games on it, the screen is bigger...Of course when I'm out of my home I prefer the laptop:)


I definitely prefer laptops. I have 2, one's a mac for recording music/internet/watching films and my old laptop which is Windows is for any digital work(eg. Photoshop/Illustrator).


I prefer my laptop because I hate being stuck in one place. I only use the desktop when I really need to be serious and when I'm watching movies with friends.


I'm one of those guys who think that laptops should only be used by people who actually needed them, not by people who don't like to stand on a desk because they prefer using the computer in their beds instead, I'm all for the PC, better setup possibilites, lower prices compairing performance towards a similar laptop, would only choose a laptop if I really, and I mean, really (as no other possible choice available lol) needed to be all around somewhere carrying a computer with me, but this only if it were work related of course, assuming there is a pc everywhere, and with the cloud-storage available now, not even mentioning pen drives, unless you actually need it for work, or you just can't never be in the same place for a large amount of time, I can't see no use for laptops, seriously.


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The only advantage I see that laptops have is portability. That's it. Other than that a desktop holds all the aces. One advantage desktops have over laptops is the price of parts. For a desktop you assemble yourself, parts replacement is cheap and easy.


I need to count how many times I've seen this question pop up :D.

To answer your question though, I would prefer PC. PC's may be big and heavy to carry around, but the other features make up for it. First, you have the ability to build your own PC. You can make it the way you want it, and the cost of it is way less than buying a pre-built PC, or a laptop designed for a specific thing like video editing, or gaming. Also, you have a much wider viewing screen so you can enjoy movies and TV shows a lot more than on a laptop. Keyboard and mouse also makes your life much more convenient.

Laptops however, are very underwhelming. I don't intend to use them in the future other than portability, and convenience. They are not good for gaming, video editing, photo editing, or anything intensive. I believe they're only good if you travel a lot, mostly work related. They are small, and portable which is the only feature I like on laptops. Other than those two features, I would always prefer PC.
I'd take a desktop over a laptop any day for the reasons that ozadin provided. I like having a bigger screen. I like being able to upgrade and modify it. I like having a keyboard and mouse that aren't finicky.


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I prefer a good laptop by far. I own an Asus X54H and well, I'm very satisfied. I can play newer games, I can browse wherever I want, the batery leasts for almost two hours.. What else would I need? Have a wireless mouse for gaming, it's just perfect to own a laptop over a PC, unless you have enough money to buy a very good machine. :)


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Before going into college I would say a desktop 100% of the time, but now that I went to college I really prefer to use a laptop. I can just relax on my bed while working, and since I dont play much games now it doesn't affect me in terms of performance.
I prefer laptop because I can take it everywhere I go. I usually write articles and do a lot of typing on my laptop, which is convenient for me. I like the portability of a laptop, which I carry to work and school if I have to. PC, on the other hand, stays at home because it's so difficult to carry it with me.


When I am at home then I prefer to be on the desktop. Though, when I am out and about. I need to have some kind of computer next to me. I always carry my laptop with me as I can accomplish any task.

When I come home then I may use it in the bedroom. Though, my main choice would always be a desktop.


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I personally own both a laptop and a desktop pc. If I had to pick just one, it would have to be a laptop. Laptops are smaller, and you can take them almost anywhere. You can do work from almost any location where there is internet access and a power outlet. The components that matter are easily expandable, such as the hard drive, memory, wireless card, etc. Desktops are more modular and expandable in my opinion. I could turn my laptop into a desktop of sorts, if I connected a huge external monitor, used an external keyboard and mouse, and added more USB ports. With the laptop, you get the best of both worlds.

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