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Chucklefish Games and Robotality have announced a physical edition of their strategy game Pathway is now under production with the folks at Limited Run Games. The physical will come with a LRG trading card and an Adventurers Field Guide manual.
It’s 1936. Ancient relics of great power are being unearthed in Egypt and North Africa. The Nazis want to get their hands on them! Looks like a job for India….oh, he’s not around. Looks like it’s gonna have to be YOU that keeps these treasures out of enemy hands!
Pathway is an overhead tactics game where you’ll spend half your time battling Nazis and the other half exploring newly unearthed tombs. Strengthen your army with stronger weapons and gear and recruit up to 16 playable characters. Five separate campaigns will keep you busy for dozens of hours.
“Having the opportunity to make a *real* physical copy of Pathway that you can actually hold in your hands is a dream come true for both our teams at Chucklefish and Robotality, and it...
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