Password Sharing no more....Why Netflix did their controversial actions?


I am from a big family with lots of siblings. In My country Disney Plus allows me to have 7 profiles with my account so I canceled Netflix and moves to Disney Plus. Netflix still have a bigger library than Disney Plus but outside the US Disney Plus is larger because it has Hulu and Starz content added to the library for free.

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Netflix needs to have a rival that is a complete threat to force Netflix to stop bollocks and lower the membership price. Sadly Amazon prime and HBO seemed to be not enough as the top 12 is dominated by Netflix.


Instead of providing more perks to entice new customers, which would be more effective, they are raising costs for existing members. What if everyone quit watching Netflix? The entire community laughs and decides to withdraw from the membership. Following that, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a large drop. If I am unable to use the same password on all of my devices, I will be compelled to cancel my subscription.

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I've been debating whether or not to renew my Netflix subscription for some time now, and I've finally decided that I will not renew. It's time for me to cancel my Netflix subscription since it's simply not worth $20 a month. This is especially true when I consider that when I initially started using Netflix in 2017, the monthly fee was only $14.


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Enough is Enough!I'm switching to a different service. And now this blunder—I'm sick of Netflix canceling things I've already been watching. Hulu, HBO Go, and Disney Plus are some additional streaming services that are less expensive alternatives to Netflix that we may use instead. Kodi, once properly developed, is capable of accomplishing all of that for you at no additional expense.


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Their subscription base is about to decline rather than grow. Nielsen ratings will be rendered obsolete if subscribers are lost as a result of price increases and cancelled shows. They are the most expensive platform, and as a result of program cancellations, they have the least interesting content; as a result, this will backfire spectacularly, making the other services delighted.


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I don't feel bad about paying for Netflix each month because I can let a friend or family use my account. Despite the fact that I almost ever view it, I feel forced to maintain my membership because both of my parents are paying members of the website. If I didn't have roommates, I would sign up for a free trial and watch everything I wanted before canceling my account. If I hadn't been "locked in" with my parents, I would never have been able to tolerate their price rises. I hope their avarice causes them to lose a lot of customers. I hope they lose a lot of customers since some people have children in college and elderly parents on pensions who they must share these accounts with because they cannot afford them all. Netflix needs to acknowledge that its plans are comparable to family plans for mobile phones and account for the effects password sharing has on the network.


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I'll be canceling my Netflix subscription if this implies that I won't be able to login in whenever it's convenient for me or grant one other family member access to the account for far shorter time than usual use. I'm canceling my Netflix subscription if I'm unable to grant one additional family member access for consumption that is much lower than usual. Online streaming of content is available in a variety of ways. If that happens, it will be forever. A Netflix subscription is not worth the money spent on it.


If Netflix wants to make money, they should merely create a new family membership plan. They will lose tons of customers. Damn, when this is their response, you know they've reached their limit. with consistently rising subscription prices and a dearth of truly excellent shows. How is it possible that nobody there has the necessary intelligence?


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Corporate suicide lessons: show greed. They don't seem to understand that everyone is canceling their Netflix subscriptions because they no longer want to pay for it, whereas when Netflix was wonderful, people were willing to pay. The issue is that many individuals pay to have many users on their plan; as a result, if Netflix starts charging extra for each additional user, you'll lose a lot of consumers, like those who have two children in college.


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If they really want to end their service, they should follow this procedure. Everything they supplied that was valuable is now available from more technologically advanced rivals. Netflix will cancel this move if we all cancel. They were unmatched when they were the only option, but now there are better alternatives. It's their prerogative to treat Netflix like a second choice if they so desire. Netflix,They may slit their own throats with their Greed.


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What happens if you attempt to log into your account while traveling, visiting friends, or riding a bus? You want me to spend $20 for four screens, and then you want people to watch at their friends' and families' homes rather than on Netflix? I won't try to hide the fact that the Disney package is more thrilling.


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Netflix simply wants more money. Considering that he increased our plan and gave me access, I have my dad's Netflix login. a rapacious individual. My dad ultimately had to pay extra. I find it difficult to understand how Netflix is losing money. It came to more than $20 per month for the two of us. For that price, you get two packages!


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I will instantly cancel my membership if you tell me I can't add my parents to my subscription. Simply put, we didn't watch it frequently enough to justify three subscriptions. My main issue with Netflix is that they don't allow many of their original shows enough time to develop. While the popularity of some shows, such as "Stranger Things," "Bridgerton," and "Squid Games," has skyrocketed, this is not the case for all of them. TV shows shouldn't be canceled after just one season, please.


It's not a good move and Netflix may face severe consequences because of that. Netflix is still not as popular in different countries as compared to the USA and this move won't go well even in the USA.

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