Password Sharing Crackdown is not the answer Netflix!

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Madeline Everleigh

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Password Sharing is what Netflix Blames why they are losing subscribers and they want to charge people for it. What the hell are they thinking? That News plummets the confidence of investors that they also dropped 35% in the stock market. Punishing your consumers is not the best way to win them back. Offer them something better that will make them want to stay!
Netflix subscription is becoming more expensive which makes it impractical during times where people suffer from inflation from basic necessities. There are now services with large libraries and has cheaper fees. The only way I will agree with an increase of bills is increase of the library and insurance safety that shows will be renewed.
Password Sharing Crackdown will not increase your subscription, it will make people cancel.

Netflix has become so Data and algorithm driven that they cancel shows that will be...

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Another way Netflix can compensate without pissing off their subscribers is selling their completed series for syndication. They can sell finished series like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Orange is the new Black for free Tv and cable. Maybe sell their canceled shows for Streaming Services who wants to renew them.


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I have an idea so they can reduce the number of shows they have to cancel. Have a merch store for their stop rating shows.


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If Netflix wants Positive PR. Make a poll where fans who paid for HD subscription will vote for which of their canceled shows should be given a second chance. The top 10 most voted will be renewed. They can make this a yearly event. It will motivate some people to upgrade their subscription.


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Cutting ties with Behavior and pulling out Stranger Things character from Dead By Daylight is also negative PR on their part.


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Even in the middle of all this they are chopping away like there's no tomorrow. They took out a number of in-development shows including the animated adaptation of Bone graphic novel series. Jeff Smith is now on social media venting and I can see why he's upset. This is not the first or second instance in which a Bone adaptation got axed. He doesn't seem to have any plans of approaching another network at this time. I think Netflix is looking in the wrong place with this password crackdown parody.


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I have an Idea Netflix. Make sure all your new shows will be limited series and the ending will be a closure and not a cliffhanger, so when it ends with low ratings, fans are still satisfied because they got an ending and if it gets renewed fans will be excited. No more cliff hanger endings!


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I hope they will not implement this. My whole clan shares the same Netflix account.

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