Parents being clean (Smoking and Alcoholism)

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My dad has been clean to this day, but he did drink occasionally before I was born.

My step mom on the other hand, had such a big smoking addiction over the years...which led to her death last year. But investigators think that wasn't the only reason she got lung cancer and I agree on them aswell.

My real mom (who I haven't seen in like 20 years) has always been a big time alcoholic. She always had an obsession with that **** back in the 80's and because of that, I had to suffer physical abuse from her, that's when my dad had to put a stop to that and let the ***** go.

I know for a fact she's still doing it, because last year in May, she left a voice message saying "I want to see the kids Dammit!". Me and my dad were just cracking up, as she was talking like it was the 80's still. :laugh:

So were your parents clean or not?


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My old man was an alcoholic and it finally got the best of him, when he died in '93 from stomach and liver complications.
My Mother smokes about half a pack a day.
My Father has a drink now and again, but nowhere near enough to qualify as a alcoholic.

I also used to Smoke around two packs a week before i quit 2 years ago.

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My mother smokes all the time, she has ever since I was a kid. It's probably the one habit I hate most in her and she really shows no signs of stopping.

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My parents don't drink or smoke. They both used to smoke and drink socially before I was born but not since.

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My mom will have 1 or 2 glasses of wine a day, depending on how the day went, and my dad drinks VERY rarely.

As far as smoking, my dad use to smoke pipes when I was younger, but hasn't since. my mom, on the other hand, has never smoked...AFAIK.


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These grandparents are from my mother's side.

My grandpa was a big time alcoholic as he claims , but I believe with all that liquor/beer he has that he still does. He'd once in a while come home drunk ,raised all sorts of hell and even when I was 12 drove drunk while we were driving to an Italian restaurant.

My grandmother was an obsessive smoker, and got furious whenever we tried to get her off of it. She died seven years ago from a heart attack we believe resulted from that and the stress of the family business. However, she was a very sweet woman who raised me who I am today.

However , my dad , being raised Baptist converted to Catohlic never touched alcohol except once in a blue moon at a fancy dinner while my mom is moderate and never smoked.

On my father's side, since they are of Southern origin, they are more inclined to gorge themselves with bread and southern foods on occasion than be alcoholics or smokers; most of them have gotten on diets and lost it . :)

My grandpa ,though I know little of him, was a very straightforward ,kind and hard-working man while my grandmother is the cooking professional,never really touching alcohol.

In short, I learned to never smoke (Unless I get cancer and Weed is the only thing that would help it ) and to rarely drink ; with my mother's genes I have gotten an acquired taste of how to utilize it in culinary dishes,since I get my love of cooking from both grandmothers.


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My mother smokes heavily and drinks a couple of glasses of wine a day, yet when I was at home she went insane if she thought I'd been smoking/drinking. But because that's the way she was, I grew up to see smoking and drinking as normal (not as a rite of passage or a way to rebel) so I didn't do those things as a teenager

I had a friend with very "bohemian" parents who encouraged drug use and allowed their kids to smoke weed and take LSD in the house. I don't think that is a good thing at all, it is not how I would want my children to be raised if I had them


IMHO, drinking occasionally is good, smoking is a big no no for me, and I admit that I did try it out in the past and I guess I didn't enjoy it. Plus, I'm a marathon runner so I think smoking may have adverse effects on my abilities.


IMHO, drinking occasionally is good, smoking is a big no no for me, and I admit that I did try it out in the past and I guess I didn't enjoy it. Plus, I'm a marathon runner so I think smoking may have adverse effects on my abilities.

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My Dad was a smoker, not quite sure if he was a drinker. He died of a stroke back in 06 if I'm not mistaken.

My Mom drinks wine every once in awhile but nothing heavy.

Although my brother is pretty much a party goer, he even used to be a bartender for awhile. Even he's not that bad. He every once in awhile offers me something alcoholic jokingly but I run high school cross country/ track so there's that.

Surprisingly my school actually has quite a few people who do drugs, but again school sports and some other stuff keep me out of it.


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my parents only drink alcohol during special occasions, but since my dad's job is mainly to please his clients (or dealers), he has to drink. so... they're both clean?

my brother, on the other hand, is 100% clean due to the fact that he's a leader in church and he has to show a good example. I'm proud of him.

as for myself, I hate the smell of alcohol and smoke, so I doubt I'll get into them.

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Dad - Tried drinking and smoking, hated them both.
Mom - Never smoked but used to drink one or two glasses on work occasions before i was born, not anymore.

My parents have always tried to get through to my head that these things don't make you feel happier and have always tried to set the best example to me.