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A year ago, we brought to your attention a humorous sidescrolling platformer for the NES called Panzer. The game shared its name with the main character, an egotistical military general on a mission to bring his old gang back together, whether they wanted to be or not. Now, one sequel later, Panzer has succeeded in his mission, and just in time…a new evil has arrived in his land that will take the might of four warriors to defeat!
Unlike the first Panzer, in Panzer 2 you’ll have the ability to control four different characters: Vespeto the troll, Anzriaz the mage, Kankaro the archer, and Panzer himself. Vespeto can toss bombs and temporarily turn invisible. Anzriaz can conjure ice blades to stab monsters with. Kankaro can of course fire arrows, but he can also fake his own death to get enemies off his back.
Dave Nemeth, creator of Panzer, was really into MMOs a while back and had many adventures with his...

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I remember having a sore fingers with the first game because I have to mash the button to make Panzer Jump higher