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For those who prefer topicality in their action thrillers, distributor Cinedigm presents Painkiller, a cautionary fable about opioid abuse and the consequences thereof.
Bill Johnson is dealing with the loss of his daughter, who overdosed on pain meds she was prescribed. He points the finger of blame squarely at Dr. Alan Rhodes, the rich prescription kingpin who sold her the drugs in the first place. And since this is a revenge movie, this means Rhodes will eventually be staring down the barrel of a high-powered weapon operated by Johnson. But it’s not just him Bill’s after…his ultimate mission is to dismantle the entire corrupt pharmaceutical system, with the help of a rogue cop.
Painkiller stars Michael Paré (Eddie & the Cruisers, Gangster Land), Bill Oberst Jr. (‘Scream Queens’ ‘Criminal Minds’), Pacey Liz Walker (The Rosa Parks Story) & Alexander Pennecke (‘Blacklist’). It was written by Mike Savage and Tom Parnell, and directed by Savage as well. Look for it starting today on...
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