Pachinko – The New York Best Seller book is now an Apple TV original

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Pachinko is a Hit Novel that Min Jin Lee writes. It explores the life of Sunja from her childhood to the twilight of her elderly age. The readers get to see her family from different generations throughout decades—people related to the Immigrant experience through the lens of different generations of a Korean family. The Book became the New York Best Seller of 2017.
Korean Dramas of different genres are the most-watched content of Netflix right now. Apple TV making their Korean dramas is an obvious great move. Bringing a beloved book to life with High calibre actors like Lee Min Ho and Youn Yuh-Jung is a great decision on their part.
Apple TV adopted the hit novel into an eight-episode drama. 
Youn Yuh-Jung will be playing the elderly version of Sunja. In contrast, Kim Min-ha will play her younger version. Most of the American audiences saw Youn Yuh-Jung in the American...

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I read this novel before, and I see it as unfilmable because a director has to intersect the past and the present back and forth. I am nervous to watch this because this novel conveys high expectations.


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Quite an interesting series of events and how creative of Apple TV to bring it to life on screen. The 25th is just around the corner so we'll get to see how it plays out then. I haven't read the book so this would be my first experience with Sunja's story.


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Can you imagine if this Novel got adapted into a show or movie around 2009? The characters would have been played by White actors! Happy that we have a show like this in 2022.

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