Outlast, Netflix's Answer to Survivor

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<p>Outlast, the new Netflix reality competition boasts the second-highest cash prize next to “Squid Game:The Challenge.” Unlike most Netflix reality shows with cash prizes ranging from $10,000 to $100,000, Outlast offers a whopping $1 million to the victor. It’s important not to confuse this show with a video game of the same name, as they have no relation to each other.</p>


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They never mentioned only one person will Survive. So I believe this is how the show will work. The people who will make in the end in the whole trial will split the 1 million dollars. So I wonder if I am contestants, I can sabotage others so I will share the money with less people.


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Well, howdy y'all! As a big fan of survival shows, I gotta say, Outlast has really caught my eye. It's a mighty interesting concept, with survivalists out in the Alaskan wilderness with no challenges or blindsides. It's like Naked And Afraid, but with a little more dignity, if you catch my drift. I'm just plum excited to see how these contestants will use their survival skills to outlast each other and win that grand prize. I sure do hope the show delivers on its promise of excitement and keeps us sitting on pins and needles.


Outlast's cast looks really interesting, especially the girl who is a sober former drug addict. I think it's great that the show is giving people from different walks of life a chance to showcase their survival skills. It will be fascinating to see how they adapt to the harsh Alaskan wilderness and work together to increase their chances of survival. I'm rooting for the girl and hope she will inspire others who are struggling with addiction.


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Alaska is a dangerous place, more dangerous than past locations of Survivor and I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. The contestants in Outlast will face extreme weather conditions, wildlife, and other unpredictable challenges. It will truly test their survival skills and mental fortitude. I hope the show will prioritize the safety of the contestants and have measures in place to handle any emergencies that may arise.


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Outlast feels like a real-life Hunger Games. The idea of survivalists fighting to outlast each other in the Alaskan wilderness is intriguing and exciting. It will be interesting to see how the contestants strategize and form alliances to increase their chances of survival. However, I hope the show won't be too brutal or exploitative, and that it will focus on the contestants' survival skills and personal stories rather than their conflicts and drama.


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When humans are starving and there's a big pile of money at stake, they can get downright nasty. I can envision plenty of arguments and fighting breaking out once they start feeling those hunger pangs.


I was initially under the impression that this show would be based on the game Outlast. It would have been better if they gave it a different title altogether. Netflix even made a movie based on Outlast a few years back, so it can certainly cause some confusion.
While I'm excited to see what Outlast has in store, I do worry that it could become too much like The Hunger Games. The idea of people fighting to the death for entertainment isn't exactly my cup of tea. I hope that Outlast can strike a balance between high-stakes competition and ethical entertainment.


It's refreshing to see a reality competition show that doesn't rely on the same tired tropes of challenges and eliminations. Outlast seems like a breath of fresh air in the genre, with its emphasis on pure survival skills and endurance. The fact that contestants cannot be voted off adds an extra layer of challenge and intrigue. I also appreciate that the show is not set in a tropical location, which is a welcome departure from the usual settings of these types of shows. I'm excited to watch and see if the contestants have what it takes to outlast each other and win the $1 million prize.

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