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Disney’s theatrical offerings for Star Wars have been spotty at best, but one consensus most people can agree on is that Rogue One was pretty good. You’re officially getting more of it. That story will soon be expanded in Andor, a two-season series coming to Disney+ late this summer.
How can you make more of Rogue One considering…how it ends? Easy…Andor will be about everything that happens to Cassian Andor leading UP to the events of Rogue One. Diego Luna returns as Cassian.
Andor is mainly about the origins of the Rebellion and the first steps leading up to how the Rebels got to where they are by the time A New Hope happens. The trailer shows the Galactic Empire invading communities, pushing people around, and generally being the fascists they are, while Andor peeks from behind corners and seethes in rage. There’s probably at least one more trailer coming after this because not much is revealed storywise.
Andor is getting a record 24 episodes, the most ever granted to a...

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Star Wars is finally recovering from the modest setback of the previous trilogy with box office success. I can't wait to watch Obi-wan tomorrow.


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This isn't even Star Wars it looks like a post-apocalyptic it's steam punk nonsense.


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Wow! Another piece of Star Wars media set during the changeover from Episode 3 to Episode 4, which was exactly what we needed. We've had enough of the "Dark Times," especially now that Obi-Wan is on the way. I'm excited for Ahsoka and The Acolyte since they'll be fresh and new.

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