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Not only did the concept of battle royale originate in Japan with an international hit movie, they also have their own version of the ouija board called the Kokkuri. Why not combine both those things and see what happens? Tokyo Bay Films had that idea and came up with Ouija Japan, which will arrive on American shores next month.
A bored American housewife living in Japan finds a way to spice up her life…play the Kokkuri with her neighbors. They end up angering a powerful spirit who sets out his vengeance by locking them in a battle royale (complete with its own phone app, because this ghost is WIRED). The app tells them where each other is and lets them purchase weapons that materialize in their hands. It gets messy from there.
Ouija Japan stars Ariek Sekiya, Miharu Chiba and Eigi Kodaka. It was written and directed by Masaya Kato, produced by Wilco C. Rullens and executive produced by Katie Rong, Siddhart Jaipal and Masaya Kato. The hunt begins October 19 on Blu-Ray and Amazon...
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