Orphan:First Kill is coming to the US in Paramount Plus this August 19. It will also be in some select theaters around the world. Lucky for me, It is now available in the Philippines. I am happy that this movie had outsold the tickets of a Political, historical revisionism propaganda film.
This prequel got a cinematic release in my country. Isabelle Fuhrman just celebrated that it is now the Number one film in the Philippines. People who watched 2009 wanted to satisfy their nostalgia fix, which got them to rush to the theaters. I go to theaters with low expectations because William Brent Bell has an Uwe Boll reputation, but he redeemed himself in this picture. This flick is the best movie he...

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I want to see a 3rd movie too. Isabelle should make 1 last Orphan movie before she turns 30. Have higher budget and give her a higher bodycount.
I am so jealous of the countries who gets to watch this movie first. My Paramount Plus subscription just expired, So I will be renewing by August 19. I wish it was in theaters in the US.

Dwight in a Box

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The first film helped Isabelle Fuhrman to play the role of Clover in Hunger Games. She is just so good in playing Psycho. She looks old in the trailers, so I am glad they managed to de-age her back to being a kid. Her voice though doesn't sound the same.


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If they are going to make a 3rd movie, they should do it ASAP, do not wait for Isabelle to turn 40. They should have done this prequel when she was younger.


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Internationally I think it will be available for streaming on Paramount plus
I wonder if it's another child possession film. They definitely had to de-age her.


So in some moments we have kid killer since she really looks very young in some scene. Review should notice it before they go in public. I guess some country could forbid it because of those scenes.

Ethan Summers

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I am really amazed how they are able to make her small in the movie. I found out she have two body doubles. 2 Little girls are used to make her look small, they insert her head to their bodies.