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Is anyone else watching this show? I'm completely and totally hooked. It features amazing acting by Tatiana Maslany, a relatively new face. I completely forget that she's basically playing all the characters because she's just SO good. I love the depth of the show as well and the very interesting moral and ethical issues that spring up in it.

I'd love to have a discussion about the show here and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.


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Oh, didn't realize a new series of this had come out!
I enjoyed season 1 quite a bit, was an interesting take on the whole cloning thing that was a bit more believable than "Everyone is absolutely identical and walks around with matching shirts and pants" that you see in fiction surrounding it. It really does raise interesting questions about nature vs nurture in that regard.
I wasn't so impressed with the ending to season 1.
A legally binding patent embedded in their DNA that results in them "owning" the clones? Seriously? Apart from the fact that there's no way on earth that'd be legally enforcable and there's no way that a patent on the cloning process would result in the clones themselves being owned, patents are PUBLIC. By filing a patent (assuming it is legally enforcable, which by definition when it comes to patents means they are public), shouldn't everyone in the world know about this cloning technology? Either the secrecy surrounding the cloning technology is nonsensical, or the patent is.

I do have to agree about Tatiana's acting. So many different roles, all played somewhere between excellently and adequately. Mad props to the post-production crew as well, it must be insanely hard chopping together 2-5 takes per scene (one for each clone) while still looking credible. I'm really not sure how they get eye contact between the clones to work without a hell of a lot of retakes.


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I definitely agree about the patent embedding. That was one thing where I was like "oh, yeah right!"

You are so right about the post-production crew. It's done so seamlessly and effortlessly that I hadn't even considered how hard it must be! Also, the actor for Felix is just wonderful as well. I found out that he's Canadian as well which blew me away. As an American, his accent seems so spot on for someone from England.

You definitely have to check out the second season, it just keeps getting better and better. I won't write anything else so as not to spoil anything ;)